Sunday Funday, The deals to do and our weekly menu (meal plan)

~ WEEKLY Meal Plan ~


I planned a Rite-aid deal: HERE

I planned my TOPS deals: HERE

Main purchases are the beef roast, sausage and the fish and veggies on sale this week… all to be used as part of this meal plan! Plus I am grabbing $1.25 Oreos, FREE pretzels and cheap sausage and OJ!!


Then I got back to the menu for this week – I usually use my Sundays to prep for the week, you know after my morning of THE FOOD NETWORK and I essentially prepare all the main components of each of the night’s meals…. BUT I am going to GARTH today (and hoping to have Trisha invite me to their home for some cooking fun!!) …so not a lot of prep time for me; all the meals have to be something I can easily pull together each night (or K can if I am at Garth and Trishas!!).


Monday – “Meat-Less Mondays” (Gonna try this….)

BAKED CHEESE RAVIOLI – recipe found HERE, looks like a Disney feature…?? Sounds yummy and I am going to try it without any meat though… will let you know!


Tuesday – AKA TACO TUESDAY or “As foreign as we get” night

Ranch Chicken Enchiladas – recipe found HERE… this is a new one I saw on facebook and I wanted to try the combo of the salsa and ranch! I’ll let you know how it all turns out!


Wednesday –

Chicken and Biscuits – Actually using the last of the turkey combined with the last of the soup I made and just serving over cooked Pillsbury biscuits. Quick, easy, hearty and delicious!!


Thursday –

Crock Pot Slop – Everything in the crock, no stirring, 4-6 hours on high; green beans, potatoes, kielbasa, water , bouillon… Deliciousness!!


Friday – Usually PIZZA Night

Pizza – making some homemade “Just like Pizza Hut” Pan pizzas that I found HERE


Saturday – To cook or not to cook…

Leftovers, Breakfast (cereal), Something New, or eating out – it all depends on what the weekend plans end up being AND whether or not the week’s plan stayed on track… Fill in as needed or have wine for dinner and make the masses fend for themselves – my favorite plan!!


Sunday –

BEEF ROAST – Buying a large Top Round Roast from the TOPS sale this week and I will do in the crock with my typical onion soup mix… and we like to add horseradish! I am also going to do roasted potatoes and carrots!


SO – what are you making this week??





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  1. Good going Michelle!! Enjoy your concert my friend!! ♥ I went to Tops today too. Just got a few cpns, used mostly add to card, but scored big time w/ the Van De Kamps. They had $1.50 peelie on per pkg for the tilapia. So I got 2 battered pkgs, 4 tilapia pkgs, 2 McCains fries, 1 Bob Evans Burritto thingie, (you know because hubby mandates such things), 5 steamfresh veggies. After cpns it came to $26.74 and I got $10 OYNO

    Thanks for the heads up sweetie!!♥

  2. NICE job Didi – I hope I score those peelies!!! 🙂

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