Thoughtful Thursday ~

Thoughtful Thursday ~



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Favorite TOPS deals – HERE

Most viewed RECIPE this week – SKILLET LASAGNA (2 weeks running!) – HERE


Some PERSONAL thoughts:

  1. My BFF took me to the Garth Brooks concert last weekend and I have to say… anyone that can rock a crowd like he did (every person sang every song – almost louder than him) after being gone for 18 years, is truly an amazing performer!!! Not to mention my girl Trisha was there and rocked the crowd herself – plus did a video montage of her cooking show bloopers to American Girl…. Pitter patter my heart!! Drinks were a small fortune at $36 for 2 though…. Thank god I got in the pizza line and she got in the drink line…. Hahahaha…. And YES that was our dinner out since we spent all our FREE time before shopping at KOHL’s… AND we may have been waylaid by the “FREE” parking at the casino….


  1. We are going out to celebrate a new BFFs birthday this weekend and I am so excited for a FUN night out… isn’t it great to realize NEW friendships based on your common ground at certain points in your life? Make new friends but keep the old…. What a GREAT sentiment – right?!!


  1. Have you seen the picture of the soldier holding the new born baby in the American flag? Can you believe the amount of controversy that picture has caused….??


  1. How about the Lancaster “Redskins” controversy…. WOW! I mean seriously my school mascot is a TROJAN…. But you know who I feel for – the “Gophers”… seriously – who thought, “Hey, let’s be Gophers!” No DISRESPECT intended of course!!


  1. You know what is disrespectful and shameful and actually brought me to tears… the idiots of Sigma Alpha Epsilon house at the University of Oklahoma… Not much offends me and I guess I take diversity acceptance very seriously (since it’s my job) OR I like to consider counting myself LUCKY that racial issues are not prevalent “ in my world” (hopefully I am not wrong in my rose colored glasses)… BUT seeing that video and hearing those “CHILDREN” say such hateful things upset me to the core!!!


So – go ahead – give your opinion…. WHAT do you think about any of these topics??


Happy Weekend upon us! What great plans do you have??





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