Sunday Funday ~ Weekly Meals, Menu Plan

~ WEEKLY Meal Plan ~


I planned a Rite-aid deal and even added a CVS one in the comments: HERE

I planned my TOPS deals (chicken): HERE


Then I got back to the menu for this week – Loving that I have Sunday to play in the kitchen again. Doing the CORNED BEEF dinner for my husband and his Mom…. I always do a ham too since I do not love the corned beef but do love meat flavored veggies!!

Also found this brownie recipe I feel the need to play with – HERE – could they look anymore amazing?? And for a lighter alternative, my girl Trisha mad THIS – HERE apple ambrosia on her show…. Giving that a try too!!

Sunday dinner is gonna be a good one at Chez Kelsey!

Here is our week:


Monday – “Meat-Less Mondays” (Gonna try this….)

Fish Dinner – bought some VandeKamps at last week’s Tops sale… gotta try… but next week – an oriental salad (THANK YOU Laura)!!


Tuesday – normally TACO TUESDAY, but sometimes we must deviate….

Reubens and Rachels (St. Patty’s Day) – leftovers from the corned beef dinner but also some turkey for me to have the same sammie but without the corned beef! Rye, swiss, thousand Island… YUMMM


Wednesday –

Ham and Party Potatoes – Ham left from Sunday Dinner and Party Potatoes (found HERE) that I also made for the weekend! Veggies from one of the 2 last weeks’ deals – my freezer is overflowing with frozen veggies… LOVE it!!


Thursday –

Spaghetti Dinner – Baseball club dinner at the school…. Nothing like a $50 Spaghetti Dinner… damn noodles better have gold threads!!


Friday – Usually PIZZA Night

Pizza – making our favorite BOBOLI, cheeseburger pizzas!


Saturday – To cook or not to cook…

Leftovers, Breakfast (cereal), Something New, or eating out – it all depends on what the weekend plans end up being AND whether or not the week’s plan stayed on track… Fill in as needed or have wine for dinner and make the masses fend for themselves – my favorite plan!!


Sunday –

Pot Roast – our favorite roast with onions, pepperoncinis, and horseradish with roasted veggies. I got a HUGE roast so we will have leftovers for beef sammies next week


SO – what are you making this week??





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