Thoughtful Thursday


Thoughtful Thursday ~

A review of the week so far….

  • A MEAL PLAN review – HERE
  • Favorite Rite-aid deals (and a FREEBIE at CVS) – HERE
  • Favorite TOPS deals – HERE
  • Most viewed RECIPE this week – BAKED RAVIOLI (YUMMMM!) – HERE


Some ~ oh so exciting ~ PERSONAL thoughts:

  1. YEAH to the new Kohls in my sleepy little (starting to wake up) town! I can now hit Target, Dicks, Marshalls and Kohls all in one plaza… so exciting!! AND they are all essentially ‘behind’ my TOPS, so I may NEVER get home after work now! Have you seen the super cute little flip flop sandals KOHLS is advertising…. Adorbs!! (BONUS note – time to get a pedi!!)


  1. Let it be known that we need another restaurant though… K and I went to Applebees and had to wait over an hour to be seated, then a VERY long time for our food! They were BUSY and it was after 9PM!!


  1. I may have mentioned this before, but I do believe TOASTER STRUEDEL is a gift from the gods…. That stuff has got to be sooooo bad for me – based on how much I truly LOVE it!!!


  1. This week I actually used my FOURTH free gas fill-up from TOPS for this earning period… that is 120 gallons of gas I have got FREE in the past month… That is a $300 BONUS just for grocery shopping! Tell me again how couponing is a waste of time….


  1. Have you ever been sitting somewhere with a fork in your hand and all of a sudden you realize you are gripping the fork so hard that your hand is numb as you subconsciously prevent yourself from stabbing someone in the eye with said fork?? NO?? Just me?? Moving on…..


  1. This week I went to my kids’ band and chorus concert…. And I ACTUALLY really enjoyed it!! There are some kids (not mine, mind you) that can certainly “perform”! I am so impressed by some of the voices belting out great sounds… and a little jealous… I have always wished I could sing… but I can’t… not a single tune… didn’t even make the cut for beginner’s chorus way back in 4th grade…. And I am still traumatized by it… Do you hear me Mrs. Bates?? …. I am STILL traumatized!!!!


  1. It is officially BASEBALL and SOFTBALL season for Chez Kelsey…. I’d like to say, see you in the fall but Lord knows we will roll right into FOOTBALL season, then the HOLIDAYS then right back where we are now…. So never mind, BUT – YEAH baseball and softball are my favorite! I absolutely LOVE watching all three of my kids play and my hubs coach and I sit on the bleachers and just chit chat with my buds planning weekend camping adventures!!!!


So – go ahead – give your opinion…. WHAT do you think about any of my HOT topics??


Happy Weekend upon us! What great plans do you have??





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    Seriously just laughed my ass off at #5 that’s me all day!!!

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