Monday Matchups ~ an overview….

Happy MONDAY my friends!

How are you?? Ready for the week ahead?  What ‘cha got going on??


So for this week, I did a MEAL PLAN – HERE

It includes lots of new recipes to try and this week I will update you on the pizza and peanut butter bon-bons we made. Check it out and share your meal plans with us! We all love new ideas!!


I planned a simple RITE-AID Ups roll (FREE shampoo)HERE

I also reviewed a couple FREEBIES at CVS (mascara – I love it!)HERE


I planned MY favorite deals at TOPS HERE

It is a new GAS POINT earning cycle and based on the rain checks I have I am hoping to hit $1.00 off per gallon this week alone! Do you get rain checks?


Now – on to the CRAZY week…


SO – favorite meal?? Favorite deal?? Share something with us!!


About ourREALdeal...

Stepford wife and mother? Not hardly...

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