Thoughtful Thursday ~


*Dreamin’ of summer…. a friend reposted this pic today and it couldn’t be more fitting…. THESE are OUR boys and THIS is exactly what they should be doing!!!

Thoughtful Thursday ~

A review of the week so far….

  • A MEAL PLAN review – HERE
  • Our Favorite “DEEP DISH” pizza recipe – HERE
  • A fun, easy – no bake, goodie (peanut butter and chocolate)recipe – HERE
  • Favorite Rite-aid deals (last week of earning UPS) – HERE
  • Staring back at CVS – HERE
  • What to buy at TOPS this week – HERE


Some ~ oh so exciting ~ PERSONAL thoughts:

  • March 26th and it is FRIGGEN snowing…. Snowing so much I had to dig through the 87 cases of Girl Scout Cookies still in my car to find my damned snow brush again…
  • BTW – I have your damn Girl Scout Cookies!
  • OH – I also have all your stupid fundraiser chocolate!
  • I need to get better at delivery of above goods or just quit selling them as I never seem to have all the money at once and it sure seems to cost me more than the benefit…. Anyone else pay $40 for a box of candy bars that you never even got one of?? (Let alone $200 for 1 box of thin mints??)
  • Speaking of “these kids” I have a good one for you… the oldest (aka the good child) pulled this one and although I didn’t put it on facebook – where I tell all (LOL) – I do have to document it for future reference…. The house rule is phones have to go on the kitchen counter before bed time…. I have been lax in verifying this has been occurring until I discover the child “who likes a girl” – agh – is on this phone LATE into the night…. So I take the phone and put it on the counter…. When getting ready to go to bed myself, I notice the phone looks “funny” and that is because it is NOT the phone but the IPOD strategically placed in the phone case to fool – someone – someone else though cuz Mama is on it my friends! I raced into said child’s room so fast and sure enough at MIDNIGHT he was “face-timing” away…. BRAT!!! Now there is NO phone usage for 2 solid weeks! But OMG – that is all of Easter vacation…. I am a HORRID mother….. OMG!!!! STOMP, SLAM, UGH!!!!!   (LOL – now we know he is truly my kid after all….)
  • The weekend is upon us and it brings my Friday off with a “Girl’s Night” (whoohoo) and a “Date Night” (Dinner out, no kids – whooohoooo again!) Saturday so I am ready to proceed….


 So – go ahead – give your opinion…. WHAT do you think about any of my HOT topics??


Happy Weekend upon us! What great plans do you have??





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  1. I like the damn cookies and the stupid chocolate the best. You crack me up.

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