Weekly Menu ~ Meal Plan


This weekend I perfected 2 things, Souvlaki marinade and homemade Tzatziki!! HONESTLY – I have never seen my family eat like they did today when I warmed some pita pockets and set up a souvlaki buffet (including salad, cherub tomatoes, green pepper, onion, black olives and feta cheese)! 2.5 lbs of chicken GONE!!! ( I will share the full details and recipe this week and for sure this will be a FREEZER MEAL at the next workshop!!)


I also made a BOURBAN marinade and that is ready for tomorrow’s dinner…. 2 ball games, so dinner has to go in the crock and be ready when we get home! We will have: Bourban Chicken / Rice/ and steamed veggies (anyone else still have ½ a freezer full of small boxed veggies from that sale??)



The rest of the week – I am pulling from the FREEZER MEALS I have stock piled….

Cheesy Burrito Bake

Cashew Chicken / Rice / and steamed veggies

Pizza – fundraiser Little Ceasars… following 2 ball games again!

Chicken Fajitas – still playing with the seasoning here…. Going to be amazing!!


Saturday – always a Fun Night Dinner…. Who knows what it will be – hopefully it will involve a cocktail or 3 – but I am making sauce and a lasagna for SUNDAY SUPPER!


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