Banana DREAM Cake

Banana Dream Cake

So I made a BANANA Pudding Poke Cake…. And life will never be the same!  It has been aptly upgraded to Banana DREAM Cake!!

Sometimes the very simplest recipes can make the absolute best stuff… and this recipe is proof positive that this is true! I took it to a get- together and everyone gave it rave reviews, and the one I made for home (1 of 2 pie plate size) was gone before I got back. A good banana cream pie is my favorite and SERIOUSLY, this Dream Cake topped any pie I have ever had!

Banana dream cake 3

Minimal ingredients, easy instructions and tastes delicious….make it now!!

White or yellow cake mix – make cake as directed
• I have begun adding an extra egg and 2 TBS melted butter to my mixes
2 boxes instant banana pudding mix
4 cups milk
2 large bananas
8 Oz. (regular container) Cool Whip
• If you are FANCY and want a decorative topping, crush about 6 Nilla Wafers, Golden Oreos or even graham crackers…

Bake the cake as directed… then allow to cool while you prepare the pudding.

Make both boxes of pudding by adding the 4 cups of milk and whisking until there are no lumps.

Now that the cake has cooled while you made the pudding, Take a wooden spoon and using the handle end poke holes in the cake – all the way to the bottom – everywhere! The closer the better – I did every 1/2” or so….

Slowly pour the pudding over the cake and make sure all the holes get filled, then smooth the pudding over the cake.

Cover the cake with plastic wrap and set in fridge for an hour or so… I make them the night before and leave in the fridge overnight.

Uncover cake, chop bananas into 1/4 “ slices and lay all over top of pudding.

Spread cool whip on top and smooth out.

Crush wafers ( I used my mini chopper) and sprinkle on top!

banana dream cake 2

Serve this cake to anyone, at anytime, and be ready for the LOVE!!!


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