Sunday Funday, Weekly Menu ~ Meal Plan


Sunday Funday…

I made some soup… Stuffed Pepper Soup (here)… with lots of extra for the week…  TRULY DELICIOUS!!

I actually matched up some Tops Deals (here)

I posted a recipe for Banana DREAM Cake (here) which was a HUGE hit at a weekend get-together!!

and now our Weekly Menu – Meal Plan… It helps so much to prep and plan on Sundays…check it out!

Sunday – Today while shopping, I stopped at a farm stand…I got corn on the cob and some fresh peas, green and yellow beans, and a cantaloupe. We ate the peas and beans as an appetizer and then grilled chicken breasts, marinated in Chiavettas, and made the corn on the cob. Have you heard of the best way to boil corn?? 1 TBS salt and 1TBS sugar in the boiling water…. Then 1/2 stick of butter thrown in the boiling water just before corn is done… AMAZING!!!

Monday – Stuffed Shells (from a freezer meal workshop) and the fresh cantaloupe

TuesdayChicken Salad Wraps (see recipe HERE)

Wednesday – Smoked Sausage and Potatoes (a favorite freezer meal)

Thursday – Banquet Pot Pies… Cheap this week at $1 each and everyone loves them…. (YUCK..LOL!!)

Friday – Crockpot Italian Sausage with Peppers and Onions and Baked Ziti (all from the last freezer meal workshop)

Saturday – It’s our first official football scrimmage and we shall CELEBRATE with pizza out!

What are you having this week? Do tell!!


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