Chocolate Sundae DREAM Cake

chocolate sundae DREAM cake

Chocolate, and a sundae, and a cake…. All in one….

Minimal ingredients, easy instructions and tastes delicious….

I had such a great response from posting my Banana DREAM Cake that I decided to showcase all of the goodies in my DREAM Cake arsenal. And I had a birthday to attend to, so CHOCOLATE SUNDAE DREAM CAKE it is!!


Like a poke cake – remember the dreadful red jello on white cake your granny always served? Went with the jello mold with fruit cocktail in it… YUCK… no sir’ree bob!!

Well, THIS, is a whole new POKE cake and that is why I changed the name to the DREAM Cake series!

Here is the Sundae variation…. YUMMMMOOOO

Chocolate Cake Mix – make cake as directed
1 jar Caramel Sauce
1 jar Fudge Sauce
8 oz. (regular container) Cool Whip
• If you are feeling FANCY and want a decorative topping, crush about 6 Oreos or even use chocolate sprinkles or Mini chocolate chips….

Bake the cake as directed… then allow to cool for about 10 minutes.


See these beaters… lick ‘em…go ahead, I still have yet to meet anyone that died from eating raw eggs… LOL!!!

Now, once the cake has cooled, take a wooden spoon and using the handle end, poke holes in the cake – all the way to the bottom – everywhere! I usually go every 1/2” or so….

Open and microwave the toppings for about 30 seconds just to make them easier to pour… the fudge may take a bit more…. Slowly pour the caramel over the cake and make sure all the holes get filled…


…then pour the fudge (or dollap and spread as the case may be…) and smooth over the cake.


Cover the cake with plastic wrap and set in fridge for an hour or so… I make them the night before and leave in the fridge overnight.

Uncover cake, and spread cool whip on top and smooth out.


Crush your Oreos (I used my mini chopper) and sprinkle on top!


Gaze fondly at your handiwork… then DIG IN!!!



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  1. Thanks Didi – so EASY but oh sooooo delicious!! It’s a favorite for sure!!

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