Apple BBQ Pork Roast ~ Freezer Meal, Meal Appeal


During a recent MEAL APPEAL WORKSHOP (next one is November 21 – check it out), one of the freezer meals we made was an APPLE BBQ PORK ROAST… If you are looking for an ultimate comfort meal, this is it!

There has been amazing feedback about this dish… some have baked it – low and slow – in the oven, I always do it in the crockpot (working Mama you know) and I even had a friend slice it length wise and grill it…

As with all of the freezer meals, the idea was to throw everything in a freezer bag, then pull this dish and cook it up…


HERE my gorgeous friend Didi made the roast…. Check her out at Dishin’ with Didi – just LOVE her, she is such an inspiration to me!!


I am telling you… the SMELL, the TASTE…  AMAZING!!!  Have a go – let me know what you think!!!

Apple BBQ Pork Roast – FREEZER MEAL

3 lb pork roast – I buy the 10 lb loins (BJs for about $20) and cut into 1/3’s
1 cup applesauce – of course I used my home made
1 cup BBQ sauce – partial to ‘slop’ type sauces with some Sweet Baby Rays added in…
2 TBS minced dried onion

Everything in a freezer bag… Thaw 24 hours prior to cooking…
Crock pot – low and slow…. 7-9 hours on low (this will be ‘shred-able’)
OR Bake in the oven – about 2 hours on 325…. Then slice!

Serving suggestions: Roasted root vegetables and rice or * our favorites *, ‘smashed’ (fried) potatoes and slivered green beans!!

NOTES: The USDA recommends that pork be cooked to an internal temperature of 145 degrees Fahrenheit. The federal agency says it is lowering the recommended safe cooking temperature for whole cuts of pork from 160 degrees to 145 degrees and adding a 3-minute rest time.


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