About Me ~

I am a WIFE, MOM, DAUGHTER, SISTER…  I have an AMAZING husband that I met on a blind date, three terrific kids even though I swore I would never have any and the ABSOLUTE BEST friends in the whole world many of which I went to school with and now we have children going to school together!! I work full time and always have some gig going on the side…  I LOVE Reality TV and have a complete OBSESSION with all of the “real housewives” and” jerseylicious“…  My favorite activities are playing poker, reading novels, and constantly planning activities that I never follow through with…  I am bossy, very opinionated and loud!  I design amazing clothes in my head, but can’t get them on paper – or find them a store…   I seriously wish I could sing – but I can’t….  I hate my teeth….  I don’t have any inanimate possessions that I love and that makes me sad… and I really want to be a photographer – but do not even have a “real” camera… but most of all, I seriously do NOT have any regrets!!


  1. Michelle,
    This is really amazing how you do this. Great job. We will be seeing you on extreme couponer before long.

  2. This site is becoming amazing. The enthusiasm and forthright honesty in your writing promotes the need and desire to continue reading. Excellent work! My appetizers are on the way! Two awesome ones for you……

    • Thanks BFF… So glad you found your way – Now if you would just do as I say… hahahaha I totally appreciate the nice comments though and truly LOVe doing this! Thinking the recipe links will be a nice addition but want to see what everyone wants to see so that is why I am asking for input…. Please do forward me the awesome appetizers asap!! LOVE YOU!!

  3. Hey Michelle. Why don’t you save ME the time and shop FOR me and my brood! I am so interested in couponing but find that I absolutely do NOT have the time. I think if and when I get started I WILL be truly OBSESSED.Love that you started blogging about it!!!!

    • Hey Tracey – I totally get what you are saying…it’s tough! But I am hoping to supply the tips and tricks to be helpful enough that you can make the time to do what you need to do!! I mean really, like it or not – you have to shop at some point, so you might as well get all you can for your money!! Let me know if there is anything in particular you would like to see… and in the mean time, feel free to shop at my house – hahaha

  4. Michelle…yeah, you did it and it is impressive too. Your site is amazing and your brutal honesty rocks! Can’t wait to get more input from you and the crazy deals..

  5. Where the H do you find this energy?? I am tired just reading your posts. lol Love this, you tell me what I need to do. Amazing! Pictures to boot!!

    • Molly, Molly, Molly…. thank you for visiting!! So my hobby – I love it – you know me – always something going!! Good stuff coming tomorrow… break downs and starter deals!! Come back again!!

  6. M, Love your page and all your info…I too wish I had the time and energy to figure out this coupon stuff! I clip them, but I never use them or it is for something I don’t need! Great meal Ideas…can you send some great NY state corn down here to Jersey? they think there’s is the best…not! Keep up the great job!


    • Thanks Heids… I am having soooo much fun! Do you have local Riteaid and /or CVS?? Just give one of the scenarios a try… it is such a thrill – and truly sad that this is my life – hahaha Love and Miss you Girl!!!!

  7. Kathy Ouweleen

    Mi, Your site is truly amazing!! I am a follower for life now… you have made, ‘deal finding’ and saving money on everyday essentials task-free. Thanks to your enthusiasm and undying efforts we all can benefit!

    Impressive research, sharp witted and direct tips are a winning combo for success on your blog. Not sure how you find the time – but keep ’em coming my friend.. Sharing this treasure with family and friends. Love, love, love it!!


  8. Michelle~Love it when people “keep it real”!!!! You are amazing!!! I can just hear you talking as I read your blog…toooooo FUN!!!
    I don’t think I have ever gotten a DEAL in my life! If I want it I buy it, my motto has always been, “Life is short, ya make more money tomorrow, so enjoy it while you can cuz you can’t take it with you!” HA!!!! could I learn a thing or 256,000,000 things from YOU!!!
    I clip coupons, get sick of seeing them on my counter and throw em out! HELP!!! I think you should take a bus load of us coupon-idiots on a field trip!!!! NOW THAT WOULD BE AN ADVENTURE!!!!!
    Love you and what your doing!!!!!

    • Cheryl my love – thank you for visiting!! I am honored because I KNOW you are not a couponer – LOL – but so could be!! You know what – it’s a rush – truly!! Feel free to meet me at RA, CVS or Tops any time… the way I look at it, if I get all the things I normally spend money on for FREE, then I can use that money for other things I want!! – w/o caring about the price!! So glad you visited – give me some comment love now and then and i will get you a deal – somewhere, someway – hahaha!!

  9. Catherine Cooper

    I understand your program at the YWCA in Batavia was very popular. Would you consider doing a program at Lee-Whedon Memorial Library in Medina? If so, please let me know your fee and some possible dates.
    Thank you!
    Catherine Cooper 585 798-3430

  10. Michelle,
    Read about you doing the fundraiser event at YWCA and wondering if you would like to come out to Gillam-Grant Community Center in Bergen, NY and do a class for us?

  11. Hello,

    Your name was given to me by Mothertime Market place.I hear you are one of the bloggers sponsoring Kids Day. Please contact me in regards to a give away I am doing. Thank you!

  12. Kathy (Parise) Boje


    Just saw your link on FB and checked out the site. Really impressed by all you do and jealous of how you get this all accomplished. Keep up the great work and I look forward to reading more.

  13. Yo I agree with you Julie and yo you should be a extreme COUPONER mother!!! LOL be a coupon queen cause I am going to take the steps to be a extreme COUPONER!!!!!!

  14. Alright mom be on !!!!

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