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Monday Matchups ~ an overview….

Happy MONDAY my friends!

How are you?? Ready for the week ahead?  What ‘cha got going on??


So for this week, I did a MEAL PLAN – HERE

It includes lots of new recipes to try and this week I will update you on the pizza and peanut butter bon-bons we made. Check it out and share your meal plans with us! We all love new ideas!!


I planned a simple RITE-AID Ups roll (FREE shampoo)HERE

I also reviewed a couple FREEBIES at CVS (mascara – I love it!)HERE


I planned MY favorite deals at TOPS HERE

It is a new GAS POINT earning cycle and based on the rain checks I have I am hoping to hit $1.00 off per gallon this week alone! Do you get rain checks?


Now – on to the CRAZY week…


SO – favorite meal?? Favorite deal?? Share something with us!!

Rolling the UPS ~ Rite Aid ~ week of 3/22


Rolling my UPS at Rite-aid this week…

Rumors are flying about the UPS program going away… Rite aid swears the new program will be BETTER… I will reserve judgement but in the mean time I will continue to roll my UPS… be sure to get your paper this week and get your FREE shampoo!!


HERE are the deals I am looking at this week:


DOVE shampoo or conditioner, & stylers – 2/$6

-$3 off 2 dove hair products – 03/22/15 rp

Get $3 UP wyb 2/$6 (limit 4 -march deal)

= 2 for FREE!!


Sure & brut deodorant – PSA $3.50 (ish)

-$1 brut classic -03/22/15 ss

-$1 sure – 03/22/15 ss

Get $2 UP ( limit 2)

= less than $.50 each!!

Rite Aid ~ week of 3/15/15

Rolling my UPS at Rite-aid this week…

I personally won’t worry about the ENSURE deal but wanted to post it for those that either USE it or need a deal to roll UPS… I will hope to get some more of the GLADE deal but will definitely roll my UPS to score super cheap Stayfree


HERE are the deals I am looking at this week:


Ensure heart health, muscle, and clear 4 pk – $8.29 ($6.63 gold!)

-$2 ensure rite aid video values – 03/2015

-$3 Ensure Active Multipack, exp. 3/29/15 (SS 02/01/15)

Get $3 UP (limit 3)

= FREE to moneymaker…


Glade plug in scented oil warmer unit – $.99

Get $1 oyno wyb 2, $2 oyno wyb 3, or $3 oyno wyb 4 (march catalina deal)

-$1 Glade Product, exp. 5/2/15 (SS 03/08/15 or SS 2/8/15)

= FREE to moneymaker… (I have not been able to catch these in stock…)


Carefree 36-60 ct, o.b. 18 ct, Stayfree 14-24 – $2.50

-$1 Stayfree Product, exp. 3/22/15 (SS 02/08/15) [36-ct.+]

OR -$.50 Carefree Liners, exp. 3/22/15 (SS 02/08/15) [36-ct.+]

Get $2 UP wYB 2/$5 (limit 2)

= ONLY $.50 each wyb 2!!

Thoughtful Thursday ~

Thoughtful Thursday ~



Favorite Rite-aid deals – HERE

Favorite TOPS deals – HERE

Most viewed RECIPE this week – SKILLET LASAGNA (2 weeks running!) – HERE


Some PERSONAL thoughts:

  1. My BFF took me to the Garth Brooks concert last weekend and I have to say… anyone that can rock a crowd like he did (every person sang every song – almost louder than him) after being gone for 18 years, is truly an amazing performer!!! Not to mention my girl Trisha was there and rocked the crowd herself – plus did a video montage of her cooking show bloopers to American Girl…. Pitter patter my heart!! Drinks were a small fortune at $36 for 2 though…. Thank god I got in the pizza line and she got in the drink line…. Hahahaha…. And YES that was our dinner out since we spent all our FREE time before shopping at KOHL’s… AND we may have been waylaid by the “FREE” parking at the casino….


  1. We are going out to celebrate a new BFFs birthday this weekend and I am so excited for a FUN night out… isn’t it great to realize NEW friendships based on your common ground at certain points in your life? Make new friends but keep the old…. What a GREAT sentiment – right?!!


  1. Have you seen the picture of the soldier holding the new born baby in the American flag? Can you believe the amount of controversy that picture has caused….??


  1. How about the Lancaster “Redskins” controversy…. WOW! I mean seriously my school mascot is a TROJAN…. But you know who I feel for – the “Gophers”… seriously – who thought, “Hey, let’s be Gophers!” No DISRESPECT intended of course!!


  1. You know what is disrespectful and shameful and actually brought me to tears… the idiots of Sigma Alpha Epsilon house at the University of Oklahoma… Not much offends me and I guess I take diversity acceptance very seriously (since it’s my job) OR I like to consider counting myself LUCKY that racial issues are not prevalent “ in my world” (hopefully I am not wrong in my rose colored glasses)… BUT seeing that video and hearing those “CHILDREN” say such hateful things upset me to the core!!!


So – go ahead – give your opinion…. WHAT do you think about any of these topics??


Happy Weekend upon us! What great plans do you have??




Sunday Funday, The deals to do and our weekly menu (meal plan)

~ WEEKLY Meal Plan ~


I planned a Rite-aid deal: HERE

I planned my TOPS deals: HERE

Main purchases are the beef roast, sausage and the fish and veggies on sale this week… all to be used as part of this meal plan! Plus I am grabbing $1.25 Oreos, FREE pretzels and cheap sausage and OJ!!


Then I got back to the menu for this week – I usually use my Sundays to prep for the week, you know after my morning of THE FOOD NETWORK and I essentially prepare all the main components of each of the night’s meals…. BUT I am going to GARTH today (and hoping to have Trisha invite me to their home for some cooking fun!!) …so not a lot of prep time for me; all the meals have to be something I can easily pull together each night (or K can if I am at Garth and Trishas!!).


Monday – “Meat-Less Mondays” (Gonna try this….)

BAKED CHEESE RAVIOLI – recipe found HERE, looks like a Disney feature…?? Sounds yummy and I am going to try it without any meat though… will let you know!


Tuesday – AKA TACO TUESDAY or “As foreign as we get” night

Ranch Chicken Enchiladas – recipe found HERE… this is a new one I saw on facebook and I wanted to try the combo of the salsa and ranch! I’ll let you know how it all turns out!


Wednesday –

Chicken and Biscuits – Actually using the last of the turkey combined with the last of the soup I made and just serving over cooked Pillsbury biscuits. Quick, easy, hearty and delicious!!


Thursday –

Crock Pot Slop – Everything in the crock, no stirring, 4-6 hours on high; green beans, potatoes, kielbasa, water , bouillon… Deliciousness!!


Friday – Usually PIZZA Night

Pizza – making some homemade “Just like Pizza Hut” Pan pizzas that I found HERE


Saturday – To cook or not to cook…

Leftovers, Breakfast (cereal), Something New, or eating out – it all depends on what the weekend plans end up being AND whether or not the week’s plan stayed on track… Fill in as needed or have wine for dinner and make the masses fend for themselves – my favorite plan!!


Sunday –

BEEF ROAST – Buying a large Top Round Roast from the TOPS sale this week and I will do in the crock with my typical onion soup mix… and we like to add horseradish! I am also going to do roasted potatoes and carrots!


SO – what are you making this week??




Rolling my UPS at RITE-Aid ~ week of 3/1/15


Rolling my UPS at Rite-aid this week….


I am not seeing too many definate deals at RA this week BUT I do have to have the Garnier deal which I will roll my ups for!


HERE is the deal I am looking at:


Garnier Fructis – $3.33

-$2 mfq from this wks paper

-$1 Jan vvq on Full & Plush

-$3 UP wyb $12


Deal Idea:

Buy 4 = $13.32

– $8 (4 x $2) mfq

– $1 vvq

=$4.32 out of pocket (or roll UPS)

Get $3 UP

= 4/$1.32

*You can do in split transactions, should track b/c it’s over $10



MAYBE – deals to look into:


Noxzema disposable razors ( 3/4 ct ) – PSA $4.99

-$2 off w/ in-ad coupon

-$2 noxzema 5, 4 or 3 blade shavers 3ct+ or twin blade 12ct+ 03/01/15 rp


Schick razor kit or refills $10 UP wyb $25

PSA – $10 – ish… buy 3

-$6 mfq from 2/22 (x3) ??


covergirl blast mascara – $6.99 / get $10 +up wyb $30 (limit 1)

-$3 covergirl lashblast mascara 03/01/15 pg


Almay cosmetics are 40% off

Color-Care Liquid Lip Balm psa $6.29 – 40% = $3.78

-$3 almay lip 02/22/15 ss

-$2 almay color cosmetics (excludes makeup removers) rite aid video values – 02/2015


Do you do Rite – aid?  Favorite deal this week??


Monday Matchups ~ TOPS deals this week


Some crazy, just for FUN from last week on THOUGHTFUL THURSDAY HERE

 Angel Chicken - MY Kicken' Chicken!!

MOST VIEWED recipe from last week – My all new “Kicken’ Chicken” HERE


Meal Plan for the week happened HERE


Rite Aid Deals and rolling the UPS – HERE


~ And after careful review and much coupon sorting…


BELOW are MY favorite TOPS deals for this week – Take a look at the ad!!


General GREAT Deals ~

Ground Beef @ $2.99/lb (Best price I have seen on decent burger in a while…sad but true!)

Whole Boneless Pork Loin @ $1.99/lb *Personally I cut this in 1/3’s and make 3 separate roasts BUT did you know you can ask the butcher at the store to cut this for you… all chops… whatever you want! This is a delicious cut of meat and a GREAT price!!!

Butter @ $1.99 (STOCK UP!!)

Eggs – 2/$3


10 for $10 sale – Buy 10 and get the 11th item free (so .90 each – great deal on 2 liters to start stocking up for camping season!)

  • Pepsi 2 Liter
  • Gatorade
  • Propell
  • Snapple
  • Upstate Intense milk
  • Tops Pasta
  • Del Monte Tomatoes
  • Green Giant canned Veg
  • Rotel Tomatoes use the $1/3 Rotel coupon from the 1/18 Smartsource
  • Chef boyardee cans and Micro cups
  • Starkist Albacore Canned
  • Manwich
  • Quaker Popped rice cakes use the $1/2 Quaker Popped coupon from the 1/4 Redplum pay $.50
  • Nabisco Go Packs
  • Keebler Mini Cups


Nabisco Snack crackers – 3 / $6 ( $2 each ONLY when you buy 3)

– the $1/3 Nabisco coupon from the 1/18 Smartsource

= $1.67


Sugardale Hot Dogs – $1.25 (We hoard these for fish food – fishing at camp!)

– the $.50/1 Sugardale coupon from the 2/1 Smartsource

= $.25


My reason for shopping this week ~

BONUS 200 GAS POINTS WHEN YOU BUY 5 CEREAL – LOVE the cereal stock up option!! All cereal (as listed in ad) is $2.50/box!

Buy 5, deduct your coupons and still get 200 BONUS gas points worth $6! That is an additional savings of $1.20 off each box… so for example, I have $1 of Post Honey Bunches of Oats Q’s… so my cereal will be only $1.50 ($2.50-$1 coupon) BUT I will get $1.20 value in free gas, so cereal is only $.30/box!!

BUT WAIT… I also have “buy 2 cereal get a FREE gallon of milk coupons”…

AND would you believe I also have “buy 2 cereal and save $2 on coffee coupons”… and there is a super deal on a small canister of Maxwell House for only $1.99… so FREE coffee as well!

THIS is my favorite coupon deal ever – LOL!!!!


  • General Mills – $1/3 General Mills coupon from the 2/22 Smartsource (I have received 2 catalinas for $2.50 off of 5 boxes recently so check your stash and check your printables!)
  • Quaker (look for peelies!)
  • Post (I ordered some good coupons for these!)


…and FINALLY ~


(100 Pts WYB $10, 200 Pts WYB $15 and 300 Pts WYB $20) * be safe, scan the” in ad coupon FIRST

There is also THIS pdf printable from Tops for $5/$20 HERE

AND this $2/$10 in Health and Beauty coupon HERE

AND click-to-card just issued 3 coupons for TopCare Children’s Suspension ($3), Omeprazole ($3) and Ibuprofen ($2)… add them HERE

… I need to check for more coupons…. But liking:

  • SOFTSOAP hand soap – B1G1
  • DOVE (bar soap) 2 pk – B1G1
  • IRISH SPRING or SOFTSOAP Body Wash or Speed Stick GEAR Deodorant – 2/$7
  • SUAVE Shampoo – $1
  • HALLS – $1.25 (use the $1/2 Halls coupon from the 2/8 or 1/11 SS)


SO – what is your favorite MEAL and/or DEAL this week?  Do tell!!

Rite-Aid DEALS, week of 2/23/2015


Rolling my UPS at Rite-aid this week….


I am excited to get some toothpaste stocked up again… When I started couponing, at one point I had over 100 tubes of toothpaste, then I went to Coupon-ers Anonymous for my “issues” and now that I have had to buy toothpaste the last few weeks, you can see why this makes me happy… hahaha

Also had a friend give me a few more Tresemme Qs, so I will do the shampoo again and the Chloraseptic is always good to have on hand… By the end of the week, I will go back and re-roll all my ups in to the Centrum/Robitussin Deal to start building those up again too… Nothing worse than needing cough medicine and having to pay $7 when with a little preplanning you can have it on hand for only $1!!


HERE are the deals I am looking at:


Colgate (total advanced 4 oz, optic white 3.5 oz, max 6 oz, or 2-in-1 4.6 oz) – $3.50

-$.50 02/22/15 ss

get $3 UP (limit 2)



TRESemme @ $3.99 (MONTHLY Deal)

– $2 mfq (2/8 RP)

– $3 UP wyb 2 (LIMIT 4 Monthly Deals)

= $.49 Product!!


CHLORASEPTIC (SORE THROAT RELIEF 6 OZ, MAXIMUM STRENGTH 1 OZ, & LOZENGES 15-18 Ct) – $4.99 (Discounted with Gold – 20% or Silver – 10% program)

-$1 Chloraseptic Product – SS 01/11/15

get $3 UP (limit 2)

= $.99


~ monthly $10 UP wyb $30 Pfizer (Includes Robitussin) / Centrum deal


centrum (silver 65-80 ct, centrum 130 ct, liquid 8 oz, or flavor burst 60 ct) – $6.99

-$4 Centrum (RP 01/04/15) [Limit 4 Qs…]


robitussin cold relief (liquid 4 or 8 oz, caplets & liquigels 16-20 ct ) – $6.99

-$3 off w/ in-ad coupon

Coupons – ?? ( has a $3.25/2)

-$1/1 Robitussin Product (RP 02/08/15) [Limit 4 Qs – so 2 transactions]


DEAL IDEA: Buy 5 items @ $7 each… save $4 each with combined qs = $3 each or $15 Total Out of Pocket… BUT – Get $10 UP wyb $30

= CHEAP @ $1 each!!


MAYBE – deals to look into:

  • Also Curad products stating wyb 2 get a $4 UP – possibly can find some cheapie band-aids or something


Rite-aid questions?? The deals are HOT– but ONLY the deals – LOL!!!


Monday Matchups ~ Including this week’s TOPS deals

pork loin

Meal Plan for the week happened HERE


My Favorite EASY Pork Roast was Sunday Supper HERE


Tried this dessert – Tollhouse Pie…. OMG, seriously! It tastes like a pecan pie but with chocolate chips instead of nuts –HERE


Rite Aid Deals and rolling the UPS – HERE


And after careful review and much coupon sorting… below are my favorite TOPS deals for this week!!


Chicken Breast – $1.99/lb. STOCK UP PRICE!!

Apples – B1G1

Tops Extra large eggs – B1G1 @ $2.99

Tops Bagels 5 ct – $1 (LOVE the EVERYTHINGs)

Many options on pg 1 and pg 4 – ALL ARE $1 and SAVE $2 OFF INSTANTLY WYB 10 (so .80 each wyb 10) HERE are my favorites where I feel .80 is a stock up price:

  • Tops Spaghetti sauce
  • Ronzoni Pasta
  • Kraft Mac N Cheese
  • Spice Classics
  • Tops Mini Marshmallows
  • Tops Snack Cakes
  • College Inn Broth cans 14.5 oz


  • Quaker Life or Captain Crunch Cereal BOGO @?? (counts as 2 items toward gas pts)
  • Tropicana 50 $3.33- Use the $1/1 Tropicana 50 coupon from the 1/11 Smartsource and pay $2.33
  • Quaker chewy bars $2.50

Motts 6 packs or Bigger Jars $2 use the $1/1 Motts coupon from the 1/11 Smartsource pay just $1


  • Chex mix or Bugles $2.00 use the $1/2 Chex mix or Bugles coupons from the 1/4 or 1/25 Smartsources pay $1.50
  • Frito Lay Party Size bags $3.99
  • Gatorade or Propel fitness water 6 ct $3
  • Schwepps Seltzer 12ct $2.50


  • Sargento Shredded Cheese $2.50 use the $1/2 Sargento Shredded cheese coupon from the 1/25 Smartsource pay $2 before instant savings
  • Tastings cheese $2 use the $1/1 Tastings Cheese coupon from the 1/25 Smartsource pay $1 before instant savings DEAL BELOW

Wishbone Dressing $2 use the $1/2 Wishbone dressing coupon from the 1/11 Smartsource and pay $1.50


NEXT week will be a BIG – HUGE – GIANT cereal stock up week so get ready!!!!

Rolling my Rite Aid UPS ~ week of 2/15/2015


Rolling my UPS at Rite-aid this week…. HERE are the deals I am looking at:


Glade Plug- Ins Scented Oil Warmer – $.99

-$1 from 1/4 SS or 2/8 SS

AND: get $1 oyno wyb 2, $2 oyno wyb 3, or $3 oyno wyb 4 glade



Stay Free – $3

-$1 from 2/8 SS

Get $2.00 UP reward (limit 2)



Axe 2/$9 and Dove Deal 2/$8

-$2 from 1/25 RP or 2/8 RP

Get $2.00 UP reward wyb 2 (limit 4?)

= $1 each


I will update the deals to ensure accuracy after I hit them today…