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Thoughtful Thursday


Thoughtful Thursday used to be a favorite column of mine – random thoughts amongst some craziness…. And I have started keeping track of tidbits I read on the internet so I figured you may be interested too… I also found a KILLER deal on a BJs Membership, so check that out too!!


Favorite ONLINE deal:


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Deal(s) to watch for:


  1. This weekend’s 3 day sale at SAVE-A-LOT shows b/s chicken breasts for $1.79/lb.


  1. Next week there is a HUGE cereal sale that is part of the bonus gas point deal at TOPS – find your Qs now!!


Crazy Tips I learned this week – all from the internet, so they MUST BE TRUE!!!


  1. Stale, hard baguette bread? Run it under water – completely, then wrap tightly in foil, place in a cold oven, turn it on to 350 and let bread set for 15 minutes. Remove bread from oven and foil – it will be very soft now – so put it back in oven, unwrapped for 5 minutes and it will lightly crisp up…. JUST LIKE NEW!!! Check out the video: HERE


  1. Wrinkled shirt, pants or dress? No time or desire to iron? Throw it in your dryer – on highest setting with 3 ice cubes – for 15 minutes… melting ice will ‘steam’ the wrinkles… pull out and wear… warm, fresh and wrinkle free!! Check out the video: HERE


  1. Bell Peppers have a ‘gender’… naturally the female are sweeter! Flip the pepper over, ones with 4 bumps are female (have more seeds – I think it is because women are more complex) and are sweeter and are better raw, while the ones with 3 are male and are better for cooking with… say what?? Hahaha   I think I need to get one of each and cut them up and taste them!!


  1. Hard”boiling” Eggs just got a whole lot easier! Bake eggs in muffin tins at 325 for 30 minutes… shock in ice water, peel and you have PERFECT hard ‘boiled’ eggs… bam, make fabulous deviled eggs!!!


  1. You can MAKE a candle melt the wax all the way to the outer ring by wrapping the outside of the candle in foil… The foil will hold the heat and melt the wax from the outside too… Check out the video: HERE


Some PERSONAL thoughts:

  • I actually like pepperoncini… who knew?!!
  • I wish I could take a class that would help me learn what to do with herbs… it is hard for me to determine what taste each one gives… but I am learning to use them!!
  • I have had enough of winter… My feet are permanently frozen, I have every blanket in the house on my bed and my skin is very, very dry from taking HOT baths just to thaw.
  • I do think Everything bagels are AMAZING!!!
  • I don’t think I am very good at making macaroons – or any baking for that matter – it is always a struggle for me… WHY?? This is going to be such a problem when I open my bakery… hahaha
  • It is BEYOND time to do another FREEZER MEAL workshop…. When can we all get together?


Happy Weekend upon us! What great plans do you have??





Thoughtful Thursday ~ stress relief, leftover ham, my hair, and entryways… oh my!!

Picture 045Picture 056

I love Reality TV, trashy romance novels and Pinterest…  seems completely mindless activities are my stress relief!  …and wine – don’t forget that adding wine to any of these activities certainly takes it up to a whole new level of stress relief!!  Thursday night’s Tv is the bomb!!  SCANDAL!!  What is your ‘stress reliever’??

I still have lots of ham from Easter dinner to use up… we’ve had ham and eggs, ham salad, and scalloped potatoes with ham…. any other super great ideas??  What is your favorite left-over ham dish??

I need to do something with my hair… but what??  And – why is it I can go a year and a half w/o worrying about my hair but the one week my hairdresser takes off – to have a baby for goodness sakes – this is the one week I need it now?!!!  Just kidding Rachie…  I won’t cheat!  And WELCOME to baby Lincoln!!  Although SPUD…what was wrong with the name SPUD??  Spike’s little brother Spud…  I LOVE it!  Seriously, what can I do with my hair??  Ideas??

My final – and most daunting thought today…I have an ever growing list of “projects” that I have been just waiting for Spring to arrive so I could start – I THINK the reason I was waiting for spring was…. uhhmmmm maybe I needed nicer weather or I wanted to use the garage to paint in or probably just because I started the list in the fall and that gave me some time extension…  LOL – UGH!!  So because we all know I can’t focus on one thing at a time, I have decided that my ‘entry way’ drives me crazy!!  It was an unfinished connection between the garage and the house, that we finished off when I needed a home office…  Now that I don’t fully work at home and the desktop computer and networked printers have been replaced by laptops… the whole room has become a complete dumping grounds…  With all the coats and boots and duffles and stuff and the fact that I am just as at fault as everyone else… my pantry closet has completely spilled out into this entry, d we are verging on an issue of Hoarders here… aghhhhh!  It is so horrible that this is where people come into our home, it’s the first impression thing… sad, sad, sad!  Anyhow – I mean to fix the problem but just don’t know how… Organizing experts say the room has to have a purpose and everything in it has to have it’s place.  The room is our entry way and the only place we have for the kids’ coats, boots, shoes and duffles.  The room is also the walk-through to the sliding doors to the patio…  In a perfect world this room would have an awesome BAR and a ½ bath…  I would love it if people that come over to hang out on the patio didn’t have to traipse through the whole house to use the bathroom…. but the floor is built upon a cement pad and we haven’t figured out how to run water lines yet… and the built in wet -bar I have envisioned, seems inappropriate somehow…??  What do you think??  Advice??

Okay – you have your mission, tell me:

  • ·         What you do for stress relief
  • ·         What you do with leftover ham
  • ·         What I should do with my hair
  • ·         How to fix my entry way

Do tell… Let’s Chat!!!!

Monday Matchups – of a different kind…LOL

Monday Matches… Surfing the gigantic world wonder web and figure you may be just as interested in the things I find, as I am – LOL – I know !!

So – Crafty pants that I am – yeah…. I was looking up how to make my own etched wine glasses cuz you know they sold beautiful ones at the wine festival but I just knew I could do it myself for ¼ of the cost… Anyhow this tutorial  (from Gabriel’s Good Tidings) makes it sound so easy and I am guessing I can pick up this:  ARMOUR ETCH at my local Michael’s…???  Where are my crafty friends??  Anyone ever try this??

This also reminds me that I have to share some of the fun we had at the Wine Festival with you…  I laugh when I think of the changes over the years… this was our 13th year and we know we are getting old because the food has become more important than the alcohol!!  Back in the day we sometimes remembered to grill hotdogs and open bags of chips and cookies…  now we have competitions to come up with the best camp food and BEST FOOD it is!!  In one weekend, we ate out on the waterfront, we did a seafood boil where we had so many KING crab legs that there were LEFTOVERS…Can you even imagine??  Everyone ate so much and was so full that crab legs just lay on the platter…  HONESTLY!  The next night we had steaks that were over 1.5 inches thick and after cooking you could cut them with a butter knife.  This is all in addition to some of the best appetizers and sides that I have ever tasted – AND some pretty fun blender drinks to boot!!  This is camping at its finest people…  22 of us this year, It was AWESOME!!!  Not to mention my cliff diving debut – but that is a whole ‘nother story….  LOL!!  AND – I really did have some wine… and some really GREAT stuff too!  A sparkling Moscato… the absolute best!!

So yeah, anyhow, back to the whole food thing , regardless of my horrid lack of blogging right now I am still doing the whole meal planning thing and being that we are busier than EVER right now I am really trying to plan out meals so we are eating at home cheaper and healthier (??) than a drive thru or pizza… or FAIR food to the tune of $50 for everyone to have a snack (Wholly HELLO)!!!!  But man those bloomin’ onions are good!!  …and maple cotton candy and fresh lemonade and fries in a bucket with vinegar and “cookie dough” (fried dough) as CK calls it….  Yummo but seriously, the good ole’ Genesee County Fair, she ain’t what she used to be…sad, soo sad!!

Okay so in my meal planning and constant perusal of the web I have found a few recipes/meals that I have to try…  My friend Didi posted these awesome Potato Pancakes which will go great with our Sloppy Joes this week.  Then for our chicken night, I have been trying to find a “sticky chicken” type recipe that we all love and, in addition to tons of great looking desserts like smores bars, I finally found this chicken one I could throw in the crock pot.  Then there is this Golden Baked Zuchini recipe and Crunchy Asian Slaw from one of my new favorite sites and since I was going through this site I also decided the kids and I would try these pizza snowballs on Ks golf night. 

So also, just to share, my “INKY BINKY BUBBA JOE”  is off to camp for a whole week and so far I haven’t crumbled COMPLETELY so good….  The utter independence of that child amazes me… I’m pretty proud and sad but mostly PROUD!! 

Shopping?  Deals??  How was your weekend???????


The start to Sunday Funday… see my stockpile?!!

It was really nice having the whole family home on Friday and Saturday, we enforced child labor the kids helped gladly and the STORE is up and running…  LOL.  I have been putting my stash of FREEBIE health and beauty into bins, but it is difficult to see what we have and inevitably I need whatever is in the very bottom bin so on a quest that would make my BFF professional organizer friend JFB proud I demanded decided to clear the clutter from one general area of the basement, and move all the bookshelves to that very spot to organize my stockpile.  This is how it all went down…  and kindly avert your eyes from the piles of dirty laundry!!

The bins…

Clearing the clutter…

My NEW happy place!!  Let’s take inventory shall we…

We’ve got hand soaps, air fresheners, Olay products (the Regenerist is hidden upstairs – away from the thieves), and all the feminine products you could ever need…

There are bins of toothbrushes and floss, toothpaste “to beat the band”, mouthwash, deodorant, shaving creams, razors and contact solution…

Then there is lip balm and chap sticks, “kid and baby” products”, body wash, shampoo and conditioners, and lotions and creams…

Whew… what a job, but I am so PROUD of this beautiful stash…GAWD, I need to get a life!!

JFB – are you crying??? 

I am off to shop…and menu plan… until tonight my friends…  GO BILLS!!!!


Homemade Febreeze (- like) stuff….

Looking for a quick weekend DIY project?

This is an easy one….

Love FEBREEZE but hate the cost?

At $5.49 a bottle I have a huge ‘mental’ war going in my own mind… I love and NEED febreeze in my life (have you met ‘stinky dog’??) but I don’t pay $5 for anything – ANYMORE (‘cept maybe Coach perfume – hint, hint Ker.)

This recipe is made from ingredients you already have on hand and fills an existing 32 oz. Febreeze Spray Bottle – or any 32 oz. spray bottle – obviously:

 1/8 Cup of Your Favorite Fabric Softener

2 Tablespoons Baking Soda

Hot Tap Water – To Fill the Bottle to the Top

Shake it up in your Spray Bottle and you’re ready to go… AWESOME!!


“Just call me Heloise”

PS – I am so sorry I cannot provide credit where credit is due here, but I cannot remember where I got this recipe originally – Imagine that – LOL!!