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Weekly Menu ~ Meal Plan

~ WEEKLY Meal Plan ~

I finally made the TURKEY today… and it sure was delicious! I had a crazy busy weekend though and didn’t get to spend the day cooking and baking and watching cooking and baking shows… darn! BUT I asked for some help making a meal plan and everyone offered great ideas!

I planned a Rite-aid deal: HERE

I started the new week’s deals at TOPS – oh my, this week may be as crazy as last week…. LOVE the coupon deals!!

Then I got back to the menu for this week – Here is what we’re having and everything derived from the “have to be quick and easy” menu:

Monday –

BAKED ZITI – I made the sauce last week and although I like to make ahead, this is quick and easy enough to prepare on a busy week night!

Tuesday –

DOG and BEAN POT – Another Easy quick week night dinner…. Hot dogs cut in chunks and cooked right in baked beans in a casserole dish….

Wednesday –

TURKEY GRAVY over STUFFING PATTIES – all our leftovers from the Turkey Dinner… YUMMMM

Thursday –

BEEF STEW – another leftover already in my freezer from last week…. So quick and it truly was delicious!!

Friday –

DINNER OUT – Just me and CK so it’ll be his choice…. Can hardly wait – LOL

Saturday –

BREAKFAST FOR DINNER K is snowmobiling and although that man will eat SPAM, he does not like breakfast for dinner…. CRAZY… but since he is gone, the kids and I will make a breakfast buffet… for dinner… and then we can sleep in on Sunday and not worry about getting brunch in – LOL

Sunday –

Is there a meal called: “Don’t know, Don’t Care cuz K will be home from his snowmobile trip and can make dinner cuz I am going to see GARTH” otherwise known as PIZZA = probably – LOL!!



SO – what are you making this week??


Bad Blogger = Happy Camper!!

First let me apologize for being the worst blogger ever… summer comes, baseball gets going full force and the time just gets away from us!  Even though I am very lax about posting deals and my shopping adventures, rest assured – FREE was an awesome way to fill the motor home with gas for our camping week!


SO – If you would have told me 20 years ago that I would be camping at 2 different parks, in one week – with kids AND dogs… I would have laughed until I cried!  My idea of vacation was room service at a hotel!

Now – oh how I have changed my tune!

We started our week with our annual (14th year) WINE FESTIVAL trip… you know we are getting OLDER more seasoned since we have started going both days to the festival for shorter time frames… this year we did about noon til 4 then came back to camp and enjoyed our favorite water spot. 


THIS – this is the start of “the circle of trust”… we had 26 people this year!!

Eagle Cliff Falls

This is Eagle Cliff Falls, a beautiful waterfall up the hill from Montour Falls – Havana Glen camp ground – where we just spent our 10th year camping.  We always hike the hill with our cooler bags in tow and spend the remainder of the day sitting in the ‘pool’.  This year we created a show tune (meaning 80’s sitcoms) harmony group and I have to tell you – we were AMAZING!  LOL  – I apologize again to the other people enjoying the falls…. Even if they were mostly either Hillbillies or Heroin Addicts – seriously, we couldn’t tell which – OMG!!!

Johnnie and the SNAKE

At one point, some of the guys were playing horse shoes and my friend thought a stray horse shoe was laying by the fire pit so she bent over to pick it up and WHOLLEY Moses…. This critter had joined our party!  The screams could be heard through the town…. Which brought a whole slew of the toothless wonders I mentioned above… I shudder to think what they wanted with this guy… but they did have rags and a pot in their hands….  Never the less, Johnnie saved him and back to the creek he went….BLECH!!!!


We also enjoyed our fine dining portion of the camping trip… appetizers and snacks like you have never seen, corn in the cooler (worked awesome), 1.5 inch strip steaks, seafood boil containing crab legs galore…  we pull out the blenders and make crazy frozen cocktails – just an FYI, pineapple soaked in rum and watermelon soaked in vodka do make an awesome pina` colada!!  Between the cocktails flowing, the food we devoured and the water fall, it is a wonder we even make it to the actual festival each day!! 


So then it was home to GIVE OUR LIVERS A BREAK grab the kids and we headed to WOOD STREAM campgrounds in Gainesville.  Let me tell you…. If you need a “getaway”, this is your spot!  This campground has a beautiful stream running through it and we adapted “hillbilly camping” where we planted our lawn chairs right in the creek and paid the children to bring us whatever was needed…  LOL!!  The kids loved it… they could sit on tubes and ride the river all the way through the park!  The best thing, which truly scared me at first, was there was not any cell phone reception…. No calls, no texts, no facebook, NO CANDY CRUSH….  You know what?  It was heaven!!!!  We have truly become such technology addicts but man it was easy to adjust when it was taken away…  I could totally go for that again! 









In true fashion we continued our “eat like it’s your last meal” ventures…  we deep fried a turkey (and know that it takes A LOT of oil to do this (double the 2 gallons you think is enough) and if you don’t plan ahead effectively, you will be begging for a ride to a corner store and paying A LOT for multiple small quarts!!  But man was it worth it… that turkey was AMAZING!!!


Then because you never truly have enough camp snacks, we learned about “roasted pepperoni”… and when that isn’t quite enough, you try kabob steak with the pepperoni….  Oh my GAWD….AMAZING!!


So – yeah, as much as I never thought I would be a “camper”…. I gotta tell you, this IS the life for me!!

Alas – back to reality… there are 7218 loads of laundry to do and since I am working on that I might as well get the laptop rolling and check the deals for next week – gas point deals are back – AND seriously folks… Candy Crush is not going to play itself!!!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Me and MomI LOVE My Mom!!

Kerry and His Mom…and My Mother- In- Law!

Favorite dish of the day...

…AND this Amazing Pinapple-Peach Salsa!! 

Happy Mother’s Day!!!!

What’s Up Wednesday ~ Drug Testing High School Students


Nightline (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

WOW – controversial issues… oh,  how I love thee!! 

The other night I was watching NIGHTLINE (smarty pants I know!) and there was a story creating a lot of HOOPLA over drug testing for high school students… mandatory testing to join any sport or club and random testing from there…

Some of the parents were flipping out… and others (spoken for by school administration) were adamantly for the process. 

Knowing my own opinion, I did the one thing I always do…  Took the question to Facebook, asked for opinions and received this barrage of comments almost immediately…  WOW again, people are truly passionate about their beliefs sometimes!  Here is what STARTED the comments – and shockingly to me people are disagreeing : 

    1. Nope! I would rather see them test welfare recipients.


    1. Maybe if more PARENTS randomly drug tested their kids it wouldn’t fall to the school administrators to protect our kids from their own faulty judgment. The average parent today of a high school student can’t name a single teacher their kid has had for the last 8 months.. Let alone what their child is doing during after school hours. Man up moms and dads. Get involved in your kids’ lives!! Maybe THEN the question of whether or not school officials should drug test randomly won’t be such an issue.


    1. Teenagers can be really messed up (I know. I was.), but that shouldn’t mean they shouldn’t be allowed to participate in healthy activities with normal kids in school. In fact, sports can be the only thing saving a teen from going completely off the deep end and into a life of possibly expulsion and maybe even homelessness (runaways). I honestly think sports can save a teenagers life, or at least give them a chance at a well rounded better adjusted future in society. Lots of teens experiment with drugs. I don’t encourage it or condone it, but I also know that there was ABSOLUTELY nothing anybody could do to stop me when I did. Drug testing never would’ve stopped me either. I just would’ve skipped soccer and swimming and went right to the partying.


    1. At some point when is the school more of a parent then the parent? I’ll raise my kids they need to help educate them.


    1. hell to the NO!!!! Now, talk to me about random drug testing for staff at schools! Or DWI searches prior to hiring new bus drivers!


    1. Damn straight! The parents being the parent argument isn’t going to cut it anymore I’m afraid. For every good parent there are 10 idiots who cant raise chickens let alone kids! As a parent I would view this as just another tool to help me be aware of what my children may or may not be doing! I don’t care how good of a parent you are you cant be with your children every minute and if god forbid they hit a tough patch in life or made a bad decision this may help you catch it and nip underlying problems in the bud. As far as this goes if they are going to continue to make drugs illegal why don’t they make us ALL subject to random drug testing?


    1. As for parents who always want to blame teachers and the schools for the way things are going these days perhaps you should look at your own child first! We as Americans have to change how we are doing things. You nor your children are special and Stop worrying over every little thing. Why wouldn’t you embrace something that will help you PROTECT your child? If we were doing such a great job as parents in general this country wouldn’t be as screwed up as it is. This isn’t a condemnation of all parents either so please don’t anyone take it as a personal attack its a broader projection. I have faith in myself, my wife and our families to raise good kids and people so I say test away! I have confidence my kids are headed in the right direction and for some reason if they weren’t I want to know about it.


    1. I think teachers should be tested also they drug test you to work at Darien lake but not the people taking care of our children all day.


    1. Bus drivers get prehire drug and alcohol tests , random drug and alcohol tests AND criminal background checks! And they “just drive your kids to school”!… drug test everyone!


    1. You people realize this is a free country, right? We make choices & need to live with them whether you are 11 or 71. The government needs to be less involved with our lives. I am pretty sure those were the principles this country was found upon.

So my view??  The reason I even tuned into Nightline (rather than Duck Dynasty reruns) was because I could not even believe this was even an issue…  my initial thought was, “Why would any parent NOT want their child drug tested?”

SERIOUSLY – Drugs are illegal!  This is not an issue of your rights… if you want to be protected by what your “rights” cover, then you need to follow the “laws” created to ensure those rights for you!  Nothing encompasses a one size fits all venue… take this issue solely on its own merit…  Kid’s doing drugs – what can we do to stop it???  The only way to fix problems is one step at a time…

We live in a whole different AGE now and DRUGS are rampant in our society!  We are not talking about the 16 year old trying a little pot in their friends basement during a sleep over… we are talking about 11 and 12 year olds shooting heroine!!! 

It takes a village to raise these children and frankly I am scared the Village Idiot is in control….  I had these children and I took the “hypocrytic – oath” ~ you know the one… the one where “I am the parent, you are the child, NO I never did any of those things and NO you won’t either!”

Actions must have consequences; consequences must be severe enough to warrant NOT doing the action… kid’s need to learn this UPFRONT!!

Drugs are illegal… Everyone should be tested!  AND this includes children!  If I catch my kids doing drugs (or anything illegal), I am going to beat their asses… if your kid is with my kid, I am going to beat their ass too!!!!!

Now what….??  Lay it on…  I want to know – but BE NICE – I am delicate and fragile!!!! 

Thoughtful Thursday ~ Completely CRAZY!!!


Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...

Image via CrunchBase

Completely in a “deal-doing” funk… Rite-aid and CVS are BORING next week… BUT I am holding out for some fabulous TOPS deals since gas points start back up!!  PS – Do NOT forget to redeem your existing gas points by Saturday!!   And for all that is good, stay posted to this deal page for all the Tops deals I am compiling!!

Completely drained of my VOLUNTEERING mojo…  Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Youth Sports…  GGGRRRR…. BUT – at least it is time to start baseball season – and I LOVE baseball season , well baseball season meaning watching my 12 year old’s games while I eat hot dogs and soft pretzels and chat with all my friends in the stands… not so much on the T ball and watching ‘snot- nosers’ pick weeds… just keepin’ it real my friends!!

Completely over the DRAMA on Facebook lately…. seriously, what makes perfectly sane people say what they do online??  If whiney complainers put half the effort they use for complaining into doing whatever they are whining about… it probably wouldn’t be such an issue… but then what would they complain about??  AND truthfully – what would I have to read?  …and complain about??  LOL

Completely banged right upside the head, for believing there is good in someone that has proved evil, over and over and over again… WAIT… is that 3 OVERS??  Why yes it is, and since it’s baseball season, I can now say it:  Three strikes and  YOU  ARE  OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!  AGREED????

Completely do not understand the differences in FISH… Halibut, Cod, Haddock…???  Which one??  How to make it so I can eat it when I really don’t like it…  I am guessing deep fried “sticks”, covered in ketchup isn’t quite doing anything for me…  HMMMM

Completely understand why I am NOT a nurse…  I have a semi-sickie kiddo and semi-sick equates to “I am too sick to do anything but not sick enough to actually sleep it off”…  UGH the whining!!!  BUT I “laugh” about our choice of SICK food… you know the foods you have to have when you are sick and therefore any and all offspring are forced to eat the same things when they are sick because HEY – it works for you… Right??  Ours are;  Orange (Have to be Orange) popsicles, Warm Ginger Ale and Saltine Crackers – and yes they have to be Saltines!  The ole’, “I bought Store Brand because they were cheaper since I didn’t have a coupon” just doesn’t fly when you are a sickie – aghhhhh!!

COMPLETELY think I am being a “big fat whiney ass baby” myself here… but you know what…. I feel better for sharing!  And so will you… go ahead… give me a good rant…  tell me what’s going on….  Let’s Chat!!!


Thoughtful Thursday ~ Let’s Chat!!

  • Cover of "Leprechaun Pot of Gore Collecti...

    Cover via Amazon

    All week I have been trying to get excited about some of the current deals and then I even looked to next week…  Can I just say I REALLY hate grocery shopping without gas point earning potential…  just seems like a waste… like paying for toothpaste, there just isn’t any reason to do it!!  Agree??  (Then there is that whole “kissin’ your sister” analogy…LOL)


  • Leprechaun Traps – anyone else CONSUMED with creating the perfect trap to catch that little bugger (Thank gawd for pinterest these days)?  Not only do we have to create the intricate trap but then  – even though that little guy probably “got away” – he would have certainly dropped some loot….  and frankly no-one is impressed by a few gold candy coins anymore!  When did every single holiday turn into extravagant gift giving sessions?  Anyone else find it difficult to appreciate or even celebrate the little holidays when your kids are telling stories of the leprechaun leaving big gifts like video games???  SERIOUSLY – I see it happening all around me!!  I mean the tooth fairy regularly drops $5 (or more) a tooth on some of these kids… and do not even get me started on the Easter Bunny, you know Santa Jr. – what the heck??!! 


  • So my oldest – the good child…. I have been highly amused by him for a while now – he WAS acting like a little song bird, chirping away about all of his buds being “in love” and how everyone was “dating”… Oh my how I laughed at all my poor friend’s with kids in this scenario – I mean they are 12… where are they going with this… dating-schmating!  BUT – my baby, the good one, kinda quit jabbering lately… no matter how much I inquired; he wasn’t spilling the beans any more…  SO –  as only a good Mom does, I read all of his instagram postings and OMG… HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND…..  WHAT?????????   I read (here is a KEY for you to follow /  J = the good child,  and DRLG = Dirty, Rotten, Little Girl who better not mess with my baby, the * are my added comments – obviously):  

J:  Hey – s’up?         *(ghetto much?? WHAT??)

DRLG:   HI… Wanna FT         *(that means facetime)

J:   ya… I was talking to this other girl and she wanted to know bout us… are we BF /GF or what??      *(other girl, yeah… that’s cool! And BF/GF is           boyfriend/girlfriend – LOL, I am here to help!!)

DRLG:   YEAH… Wanna FT

  • OMG… Can you say OMG….. aghhhhhhh…. which is worse – the fact that this is occurring – or the fact that this  exact wording is my son’s “line”….  OMG – soooo Suave!!!!  LOL – He is his father’s kid for sure!!!  I am not ready for this – I was so happy that he did not seem to care about girls, he is MY baby for goodness sake – aghhhhhhhhhh….  NOT READY!!!!!  AND no – it does not help to remember myself at 12, in sixth grade… I was riding the early bus to school under the pretense of extra morning help, applying makeup on that bus (LOVELY) and actually kissing a boy behind the bleachers on the track…  OMG – I need a drink!!!!!!!!


  • As I sit here typing this all up I realize I really want to paint my dining room furniture… I need to maximize this frustration….  I have an old farmhouse set… heavy pine… HUGE bulky pieces, that I love, but not so much on the distressed (that is the cool word for old and beat up) look and color.  I wanna go BLACK and I have seen tutorials on painting furniture but wondering if anyone has tips or pointers??  Ever do it?  Or is this one of those many ideas I get, crazy projects I start where after too much time and $ spent I realize this is something best left to an expert….  ??  Anyone want to paint my furniture??


  • I am hungry and I really want a Chicken Souvlaki (how do you spell that??) Pita…


These are my thoughts on this Thursday… what about you? 

Opinions on mine?  Some of your own? 

Do tell… Let’s Chat!!

What’s Up Wednesday ~ Has Ritalin replaced the good ‘ole butt-beating??

Got your attention didn’t I?  Advice needed…. PLEASE!!

What is up with the fact that the Dr.’s office does not think my child is their number 1 priority?  What is up with the mountain high stack of report files I just witnessed in said doctor’s office, all of patients requiring the extended review of the doctor in order to obtain additional school help/aide?  Have we as a society come full circle in NOT being able to help our children because we are trying to help too many for not always the right reasons??  Stick with me here…  I have many points and as always… this is how I seek “counseling”  – I write it up… I read it over and over… I send it out into the great big wide inter-webs on this little ole’ blog and I feel validated if and when someone responds to me… hopefully others have viewpoints that will help in my quest for answers!!

I mean, speaking totally off the cuff and just blabbing my “personal” view point… Before ALL children were main streamed and before “no child is left behind”…and honestly before I had children so I did not pay any attention to the issues of the schools, or the children…   I do know it was before the classification of “special needs” became all encompassing… before ADD was diagnosed to such an extreme and meds were prescribed quicker than not, before SpongeBob was introduced as a babysitter, before video games ruled the world…   and frankly before parents quit spanking their kids or even punishing them… let alone the school administration… you know when you were scared to death of the principal (and his paddle) not looking to earn a fun lunch date with him  – and honestly, this wasn’t all that long ago…  things were different!

Let’s get right to the personal nitty- gritty shall we?  Deep and personal… you know how I roll…  I have a baby and he is STRUGGLING with school and probably struggling with more than I care to admit but I am at a point where I must seek any and all help  – to help him…cuz that is the Mama’s MAIN job!

Last year I struggled with sending my baby to kindergarten… after all he was only four and he was a preemie (after 72 days on bed rest IN THE HOSPITAL – have I mentioned that??  AND seriously – he LOVES his Daddy “just a little more” – LOL) and he is my “baby” and I have a slight complex because I have worked since he was very little and have not been a stay at home Mom with him so….aghhhh….  anyhow, unbeknownst to me… he could not attend the schools pre-k program because he would actually be turning 5  – and therefore of kindergarten age – just after school started… and he was excited to go – there is not a drop off separation anxiety with any of my kids and I choose to believe that is because I am raising them so well, thank you very much (Did I ever mention how my middle child, the girl, at 2.5 was hiding from me at Walmart and I finally heard this little voice asking a complete stranger, “Can I go home with you??”  AGHHHHH  – Believe me, we discuss “Stranger Danger” nightly at our house!!)

Okay anyhow, I knew my baby wasn’t ready for kindergarten but having no other option at the time (working Mother, can’t drive her last baby to any other program – again, aghhhhhhhh) I sent him figuring it would be good experience and if need be I could just have him repeat kindergarten… I struggled and struggled with this thought as I did not want to set my child up to fail – even at 5 years old….  Heed my advice now… listen to your gut…  I should have NEVER sent him…. That is a daily struggle of my own and a cross I need to bear – But alas I did send him and we are now repeating kindergarten this year and he is struggling… still… and it is the second time around… and he is still less mature than many of his classmates (although much more mature and better behaved than some – which is quite scary in it’s own)… and although I am not 100% convinced, I am leaning towards the accepting of the fact, that something more may be wrong… He is not just “a boy being a boy”… some of his behaviors are not exactly the norm…  An outsider looking in may just think he is an ACTIVE child but he definitely cannot sit still, he definitely has some co-ordination issues (and NO they are not just the “lack of Grace” as passed on by his Mother), some days he masters all his numbers, letters and site words and impresses us beyond belief by spouting off some math fact or story that is well beyond his level of learning and then some days he acts (and it is NOT “just an act”) like he has never seen or heard numbers, letters or site words before – and he truly can become very distraught over the NOT knowing and understanding.  Some days he strives to do really well and other days he is in the principal’s office by 10 am… school starts at 9 mind you… 

So, we (us and the school) are seeking answers…  How can I help my child?  The current system as I understand it… the school needs to declare an “issue” (NOT what I want – at all – but I NEED the extra help) and psychologically review (OMG – have you ever seen these forms and the format they use for testing) my child and then send all to the child’s doctor who will in turn recommend a course of action  – all of this proper documentation will “allow” the school to continue to provide any needed extra support like speech, occupational therapy etc.  OVERALL I am thrilled with this plan (what are my options??  Homeschooling??  Have you met me???  Others excel at it…me = NO!!!) So,  we are going to work together, we are going to investigate and try courses of action and plans that will work for my baby… we are going to make sure he gets the best possible education and aide him in any way that we can… we are going to ensure he succeeds – if there is a shortfall somewhere, anywhere, we will overcome and adapt…  all we have to do is get the damn forms from/through the doctor who has WAIT FOR IT… 97,000 OTHER cases to review – in his SPARE time – before he will even see my child for further review….  WHAT???????

So – how did we, as a society evolve so far around the “special needs” children that we have all-encompassed far too many other children and created a further hindrance to actually helping those IN-need…not necessarily “special” needs…  Is “mainstreaming” truly the answer for all children?  Is the act of labeling children so hindered by the “restrictions” of the label that we can’t provide the needed service or benefit to help the child. 

How many of those children REALLY need additional help? If they all truly do then we – as a whole – have a much bigger issue here… Dare I guess how many of those kids simply need a good old fashioned spanking?  A little discipline goes along way…parents need to lead by example and I am just saying here…maybe some of their examples SUCK…  Sometimes policies and regulations just SUCK!!

What say you….  I would LOVE any and all input  – I am desperate for reassurance, examples, anything!!

Happy Valentine’s Day ~


Happy Valentine's day!

Happy Valentine’s day! (Photo credit: DonnaGrayson)

Valentine’s Day… What say you?

Me – I LOVE – LOVE!!  I am all about it… 

I don’t buy into all the negative Nelli’s that say “oh it’s just another day marketers created to make money”… Really you don’t have to spend any money – although there better be flowers and candy on my door stop I’ll tell you!!  Door stop cuz I am working at home….  GGGRRR…. Of all days –

I am really missing an awesome day at work – First – I always LOVE showing off my Valentine’s Day gifts!  I understand the local florists will be quite busy delivering to Liberty Street!!  AND my GREAT friend Jody is retiring (seriously JODY – like you really need to go see those fat babies instead of sticking with us??  LOL) and the office had a luncheon but that’s okay, some skinny bi-otches planned the whole thing and their meal of choice… SOUP…  YEAH!!!  SOUP – seriously??  Where’s the carbs???  Anyhow, it is quite evident Jody will be missed in our office but LUCKILY we have become coupon pals and I know we will chat often!!  Happy Valentine’s Day too Jody – I hope you got some candy since all your co-workers offered was SOUP!!

Oh yeah – back to LOVE (I was derailed LOVING on my co-workers – hahaha) I am interested to know what you do?  Do you celebrate?  Just one Valentine – or many? 

At ‘chez Kelsey, we eat!  That’s what we do for any and every occasion – LOL…  Today my sweets were treated to Cream Puffs and Sugar Cookies (yes for breakfast) and each child received a LOVE book… with the ulterior motive of getting them to read more of course!  There are homemade cards for everyone and we then make a huge ordeal of decorating the entry door… we are having Fried Chicken for Dinner with Mac’n’ Cheese from the good ole’ blue box cuz we all LOVE it and we have 3 index cards each where we picked topics/catagories and we will take turns telling what we LOVE about/from each one.  My three choices:  Dessert, Quiet Time and Each Other….  Good mama – right?  We’ll have to start with mine cuz CK’s choices are:  Cartoons, Motorcycles and T-Ball…  Oh my – what do I LOVE about any of those??? 

And you know what… It is Thursday so by the time this posts, I will have spent the am with a bunch of really special Valentine’s when I visit Ck’s class… my favorite part of the week don’cha know…  I understand I will be in charge of frosting cookies – whooooohooooo…. See sometimes it really is the little things!!

Happy Valentine’s Day Lovies!!!!


Thoughtful Thursday ~ REALLY, am I Nuts??


English: Bullying on IRFE in March 5, 2007, th...

English: Bullying on IRFE in March 5, 2007, the first class day. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do you ever feel like you are stuck in a downward spiral whirlpool – and although you are indeed an excellent swimmer – you understand even Olympic athletes NEED a break??  Could it be the winter blahs?  Hitting mid-February, nothing exciting since the holidays… holiday bills all in and due, gross weather, dry skin… blah!!!

Ever feel like no matter how you try, anything you are “involved” in or with just becomes a bigger mess?  LOL – NO I am not depressed, I swear – I just really worry about the state of things going on around me…  Know what I mean?

And when I THINK I see something clearly, how come others don’t?  Maybe what I think is so CLEAR really isn’t?  Maybe my version/vision is the ‘twisted’ one?  Wait, why am I second guessing myself when I used to be so confident and assured?  I used to speak up a LOT more… but then again I had different Loyalties” if you will…  was only responsible for myself really…  Now I have VERY different priorities in life…  children whom I have to “nuture”, a marriage that has to be PRIORITY #1, Parents where role reversal has or is occurring, a job, a home… a LIFE! 

But every once in a while…  must be I have a little extra time on my hands… a bit of the old me peaks out and I want to just go ballistic on people – damn be the consequences…  You know what I mean?  I am talking; “Last day of work at McDonalds and you scream at the rude customers to go across the street to Burger King  instead” unleashing or “Bride-Zilla – It’s my wedding and I will have what I want”  type unleashing… and who deserves this type of unleashing right now….

  • ·         The Peer behaving ridiculously at work –
  • ·         The Teacher you are having trouble with because your child (all the children) aren’t the #1 priority –
  • ·         The Friend you TOTALLY see behaving in-appropriately, not very “good” parent like, not very “good” spouse like  –
  • ·         The BRAT child telling their parents,  “I am being Bullied”, yet you KNOW that child is the problem –

So, if I can clearly see the problems with these scenarios – why can’t others???  I mean, I am in no way saying I am perfect – very, very VERY far from it… but I feel I have a handle on my strengths and weaknesses…  if you tell me one of my children are being BAD, I will believe you and act accordingly… if you name the wrong one, I will UNLEASH on you!!!!!!!!!

See – it’s all perspective… mine’s right (of course) and when we disagree…. You are wrong! 

I’M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





What’s Up Wednesday ~ the CRAPPY TV edition…

The cast of The Cosby Show in 1989

The cast of The Cosby Show in 1989 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

SERIOUSLY – what is up with all the trash on TV?  I swear to goodness the Super Bowl set me over the edge!  I cannot stop thinking about it….  Three days later and I am getting ANGRIER!

Go Daddy – GO AWAY… you disgust me – all I have to do is think of that commercial, comparable to a horrid porno film, and I throw up in my mouth a little! 

My beautiful “Two Broke Girls”…. Did you see their commercial?  OMG – WHAT WAS THAT??

So many commercials were completely based on sex – even M&M’s are making me uncomfortable these deals… wholley Moses!  

We can’t watch a movie or even a sitcom as a family anymore…  Big Bang Theory, How I met your Mother, Mike and Molly, and Two and ½ Men…  shows I used to love are almost turning me off lately… what happened to the funny “inuendos”… we are smart, we are creative, we are NOT all 16 year old boys…  we do NOT need to see it to “get it”!

Who else remembers the “Family” shows on every weeknight – back in the day…  Now I am not talking all the way back to “The Walton’s” or anything – although…

I am talking about The Cosby Show, Growing Pains, Who’s the Boss, The Wonder Years, Cheers – even Roseanne.  (LOL – You know you grew up in the 80’s when…  hahaha)  Anyhow, where have all the good FAMILY shows gone?  Must we be stuck with the Disney Channel for family entertainment?  I mean I do LOVE “Good Luck Charlie” and “Jessie” as much as the next guy… but look at little Miley Cyrus and how that ended up – ooooyyyy!

So – is it true what they say… Sex Sells?  Is it going to get worse?  Am I crazy or worse – out of touch with reality??  I’m just saying – I am NOT a prude – I read the Grey Series…  HOWEVER, I did NOT read it to my children – nor do I want my children watching that CRAP on TV – during Prime Time!

So, the Super Bowl advertising – what did you think?  Current sitcoms – what say you?  Favorite oldies? 

Let’s Chat!!