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Thoughtful Thursday ~ What’s Up, You??

A teacup on a saucer.

A teacup on a saucer. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 Thoughtful Thursday… hmmm… what are your thoughts?? 

MINE??  Let’s see…  Completely Muddled…

~ so let’s review shall we: 

Toaster Struedel – LOVE it, random I know, BUT LAWD it is sooo good!!!

Keurig – mine SUX but probably cuz my water SUX and even though I use a Brita pitcher to fill it, and run vinegar through it all the time it still only makes a half a tea cup and who are they scarin’ with that???

.25 sale on Christmas Items at DG – I picked up boxes of cards, multiple bags, bows and ornaments all for a quarter yesterday!!  Probably won’t be able to find them next year, but what a bargain – LOL!!

Stamp increase – oh yes, another penny… next week… forever stamp anyone??  Snail Mail anyone??  I can’t remember the last time I used a real stamp…  hope my PAL Jeff isn’t reading this…..  I promise to update the CHIP at work Jeff!!!

Volunteering in Kindergarten– SERIOUSLY, the very best part of my week!!  Maybe cuz they are the only ones who listen to me – ??!!  And they all want to sit next to me and be my friend… I definitely feel the LOVE!!!  And Kindergarteners are cute – and mostly sweet… WHY do they have to grow up???? – Have you signed up??  FREE kindle books emailed to you EVERY SINGLE DAY!! I use it all the time – AMAZING!!  Go NOW!!!!

Winter Activities – I promised my kid’s I would play with them in the snow…  I hate snow, I hate playing and sometimes those kids……  what’s a Mama to do?  How can “playing” “outside” be fun??  Does anyone else HATE to play?? Bad Mom??  Ideas??

TOPS looks GREAT next week – who’s ready for an all out shopping trip??  Does anyone else LOVE to grocery shop??  I’m talking Keibasa, pepperoni and potato chips HERE!!  Sometimes I pass up my night out to shop more deals – on my night out…  I am aware of the issues I have – Thank you!  Just looking for someone who shares my psychosis…  ???

My daughter, the STAR  – my baby girl was in the paper yesterday – The Daily – too cute, studious little girl… LOL… LIES, all LIES!!!  Would LOVE to show you the picture, but she took it to school and left it there….LOVE her sooooo much (not enough to PLAY with though) hahaha!!

So – LET’S CHAT… what do you got – gimme something – anything??!!


Thoughtful Thursday ~ Volunteering AND French Toast…


Picture of french toast

Picture of french toast (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“In life, you get what you put in.  When you make a positive impact in someone else’s life, you also make a positive impact in your own life!” ~marcandangel

 On this THOUGHTFUL THURSDAY… I began a “ranting” post about VOLUNTEERING and as I wrote it  – griping about: possibly doing too much and not being properly appreciated and hating all the bureaucratic baloney and thinking I have two jobs where I am at least paid to put up with all that nonsense, I received a few doses of reality… One being the quote above… two being the time I spent with my kindergartener helping his class today and three being the answer I received when I posed the question on facebook (BTW – are we facebook friends??): 

“Can anyone re-enforce why I volunteer – right now??”    

The BEST answer: 

“You have THREE amazing reasons!” 

I can hardly write it with the tears welling up in my eyes… can you say P.M.S. “Super Sap” with me??

So saving the ranting for another day and realizing I volunteer for my kids – not for me, not for the GLORY (oh yeah), not for the overnights I get to spend with 10 girls on some rock hard ground somewhere, not for the utter chaos and ANXIETY I experience while 30 some boys of all ages have their own meetings, not for the DRAMA and HURTFULNESS I have seen and felt while parents vie for the right to heard regarding youth sports, not for the parents’ I seriously want to punch in the head (really – should I even be a volunteer??)… but for MY KIDS… and MY KID’S friends… and MY KID’S friend’s parents (the good ones)… and for MY KIDS friend’s parents that have now become my friends (good NEW friends are just as hard to come by as good OLD friends are to keep up with)…  you know what?? 

It is TOTALLY worth it!!!!!


You know what else is worth it?  Bacon Stuffed French Toast…  OMG… check it out on my friend Didi’s site:  Dishin with Didi HERE

Yeah, then, there is the beginnings of the planning for next week’s deals… and I come across my friend Amanda from Mom’s Coupon Affair HERE talking about these FREE raisins… and I want to put these raisins in my stuffed French toast too!!

So – that’s it… my THOUGHTFUL THURSDAY post…  I am gonna keep on volunteering (whether I want to or not) and I am gonna make bacon stuffed French toast… 

How about you?  What are your thoughts?? 

Let’s Chat!!



Sunday Funday

Wow – this weekend felt like “one of those days”… know what I mean?  I think I am just having “one of those” LIVES… now do you


Meatloaf (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

know what I mean?  LOL –  Well, as usual the chaos ensued.  My oldest – Bubba Joe Joe (he loves when I call him that) went on a Klondike Camp with Boy Scouts.  Luckily it was the nicest winter weekend we could have asked for, but even still – 40 degrees is still too cold to think of my baby sleeping out in the cold hard world – in a tent, on the ground, for the weekend.  AGHHHHHH – When did he grow up??  And why won’t it stop???

Saturday I shopped for FREE cereal, then I spent some time with a couple friends who are my “bloggy-encourage-ors”…  I debate OFTEN whether I should continue to blog and what I want my focus to be…  HELLO- is anybody out there??  Do you read my nonsense?  What do you enjoy? What would you like to read more of?

Today both my older kid’s started cool camps… Kerry took J to a baseball camp – which we are super psyched about!  Our whole family LOVES baseball season and it is J’s favorite thing to do – and anything that get’s him off that darned iPod is okay by me!!  Lulu and I had a cheer session to help out with and it was great because lots of girls came and were so excited and refreshing!!  My girls’ ages (10-14) are having their session in 2 weeks, so I am trying to be in the habit of saying all nice things – LOL  I mean, seriously it is a large group of 10-14 year old girls…  need I say more?!!!

I hit the cool sales at Rite-aid (check them out HERE) and then hit the kitchen to try to get ahead for the week…  Here is our MEAL PLAN for the week:


Sunday:  The Pioneer Woman’s Meatloaf (click it for link, it was totally Amaze-balls) with mashed ‘taters and green beans – even with a busy day, I made this and Chili – why YES, I also, am amaze-balls!!


Monday:  “Pulled” Pork (from Roast last week – I always make larger roasts or more chicken or turkey than I need so I have extra frozen for future meals) with Gravy over Egg Noodles, Large Salad


Tuesday:  “Breakfast for Dinner” (like toaster waffles and micro waved Sausage links) cuz we are BUSY and I can only be “suzy homemaker” on some days!!

~Snowmobile Class 7-10 for kids, Boy Scout Committee Meeting


Wednesday:  Grandma’s coming, Daddy’s in charge… C.O.R.N (Clean out refridg. Night)  My family has to fend for themselves because I have to work – but Daddy (and Grandma) is the better cook anyhow, so they will be fine!

~Work night


Thursday:   Chili (made ahead on Sunday) with Meatloaf Sliders (Of course I made a 2#+ meatloaf on Sunday for just this purpose)  I’ll slice the leftovers thin and place them on toast and broil some mozzarella on top, serving them open faced… yummy!!

~Girl Scout Planning Meeting


Friday:  Pizza Night – Boboli Cheeseburger Pizza or Order Out…???  Depends on how the week goes – and whether I can get any Boboli at the Bread Store….??


Saturday:   Ham Dinner – Big ‘Ole Ham so I can make a few extra meals out of it.

~Snowmobile Class 9-3 for older kids, Circus for CK#1!


Sunday:  “Sauce” Day – extra to freeze and a Lasagna or two….

~Baseball Camp 2-4



So – what do you have up for the week?  What are you cooking?  Let’s Chat – AND – “hey – Jack” – answer my bloggy questions and make me “happy, happy, happy”!!!

Can I call you?? ~ In the middle of the night??


Two friends

Two friends (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Been doing lots of thinking about TRUE friendship lately… what with my ‘resolution’ and all – I know it’s just another “time suck” that occupies my brain and keeps me from concentrating on the things that I am supposed to be concentrating on at the time!  Hey, I KNOW my time management skillz totally suck so I might as well show the CRAZY that actually goes on in my mind… 

Does anyone else take some – ?, most – ?, all – ? friendships too much to heart? 

Does anyone else MUDDLE the line between a REAL friend and a casual acquaintance? 

Is this me being crazy? 

Sometimes I think I put more “intensity” on the ‘friendship’ I think I have with people and then end up very disappointed, sad, hurt, resentful when I realize  – too often, too late – that, that “friendship” really wasn’t what I thought it was…. 

Is this sounding like a “sad sap” story yet – LOL – totally not meaning for it too – but really wanting to work on this whole resolution thing to make time for those that are important in my life and having to decide where to draw the line for who is TRULY important in my life… and for all that is good in the world – I HAVE TO STOP CARING ABOUT THOSE THAT DO NOT RETURN THE FAVOR!! 

Who can name every member of their wedding party, tell me exactly where they are and what they are doing right now?  Can you list 10 friends, 5 friends?, ANY friends? –  that you could call, to be the shoulder you need –  in an emergency? – in the middle of the night??  Would any – or all – of them drive across state lines at the ‘drop of a hat’ for you – without you asking – just cuz they would know you needed them?  (What does that expression even mean – “Drop of a Hat”???)  More importantly – are you this person to anyone else? 

Funny – I seriously thought about these questions and came up with a lot longer list of people that I would do anything for, than people I feel will do anything for me… and that seriously has me RE-thinking my friendships!! Additionally I wonder if others feel the same way… do the people I truly feel I would “do anything” for know they can count on me?  Do they know how very much I love them and value their friendship?? 

You know, it’s ironic, myself (and my husband) and many people I grew up with experienced divorced parents… Many of us have learned from this “experience” and have learned that one of the major “rules” of a successful marriage is EFFORT and although that is 100% , a post worthy of it’s own, and a marriage does need to remain the number 1 focus – it’s almost like we have refocused ALL of our energies and really need to concentrate on making the friendship effort too!!  See, I told you it was ironic!!

So –  I challenge you (to do along with me) in the next 2 weeks, the “OLD FRIEND, moment to re-connect and I just gotta tell you I love you and you can me in the middle of the night” challenge… in this day and age of social networking… you have to insist on personal contact, so facebook or email them, send them a text, pick up the telephone or how about this crazy off the cuff idea  – stop by their homes… either way, pick 2 old friends…  Just 2 – ANY 2, and make an effort to get together face to face or at minimum – voice to voice… Schedule a night out…Just a quick drink…How about a coffee at Dunkin’ or Timmy Ho’s or a quick coke at Burger King…  Meet at a store, go to the mall… take a walk – stop at their house with a surprise treat…  Anything to show you are making an effort!  Reconnect – if only for a moment, tell them you LOVE them and experience the feel good moment – twice – you have to do it with 2 friends!

So – are you with me?  Is it just me?  Am I putting too much emphasis on what I expect from friendship? 

Do tell – Let’s Chat!!  No seriously – call me… I NEED 2 friends – like NOW!!!!


A new start?? Let’s Chat!

2013… Bring it Baby!!

I was driving home today after a quick trip to Rite-aid… because:  I had UPS expiring today  – Thank GAWD I looked at them… why in the world would RA issue UPS that expire today (1/1/2013)??  Oh well, I could run in and buy the razors with my coupons, roll my ups and leave with 4 free razors AND my UPS back…. But wait – agh – all my coupons expired yesterday, you know the dreaded 12/31!  Bad day for coupons… sad, sad, sad!  But to alleviate my coupon friends’ minds, I was able to get the FREE Blistek and 4 of the $.25 Nail polishes, no coupons neccessary and some super cheap candles as well, to use up my expiring UPS!!

Anyhow, being out and about, I saw TONS of Christmas trees out in the snow banks and it made me extremely sad…  I LOVE the holidays so much and that was just the final sign that they are over!

But I remember feeling this same exact feeling last year and know from past experiences that next holiday season will be here before we know it… exciting YES but also HORRIFYING because time goes by way too fast!  What can we do about it?  Nothing about the speed of time unfortunately but we can all make the very most of the time we do have!  So while I was reading facebook contemplating all day, I decided that rather than the usual resolutions, cuz honestly we all know I am not quitting ANY of my bad habits today – who likes a sober, skinny, nice, girl anyhow?? –  I liked the idea of thinking about what was important to me and making a list of things to do with “what is important to me”!  You know, like a business plan for life… plan your work and work your plan… lalalalalala BUT it works and like a “honey- do” list, if it is on the fridge and I can ‘black marker’ that sucker I will feel validated!  If there isn’t a plan with a checklist things will never happen – which is why there is also now a big post it on my fridge that says” hang towel rack in bathroom”!

So – what is important to you?  Go ahead list the top 3 or 4 things that come to mind…  If you list an awesome job you love – GRRRR – Well LUCKY YOU – hahahaha…what else??

Mine are OBVIOUSLY –

  • ·         My family…  I have the most amazing husband in the world (I think I trained him??) and three really, really usually terrific kids! 
  • ·         I also have friends that I LOVE more than I can ever express and every time I spend time with them I realize how very much I love them because they are so great and they make me feel great!! 
  • ·         Then of course there is always MYSELF – I mean seriously, anyone that knows me knows sometimes it does have to be about me…  LOL… me time = sanity and allows me to “do what I do” – which certainly isn’t getting my hair done – aghhhhh! 

So now that you have made your list – you made one too right? – so what are some great ideas, plans or “resolutions” that you could make to spend more time with or on the things you have selected as MOST important to you?  Serious things, fun things… whatever… as long as you are making a plan!

Let’s start with the ME category – I could list TONS of things that I want and or need to do…. And personally I did but I decided to just list the most pertinent right now.  I need to “take care” of me better and I am resolving to make all the doctor’s appointments that I have seriously been lacking in attending!  Over the next week, I vow to make appointments at the dentist, eye doctor, blood testing for thyroid update (I had mine out almost 10 years ago and something is just off) and huh-hmmm gyno.!  I cannot even honestly admit the last time I was at any of those places and that is bad – I know!!!  Then because I am such a good girl and am following a plan, once the appointments are all in place, I will make a hair appointment with my stylist who I last saw right after she had her baby and he is now off to college… well not quite, but it has been forever!!  I have realized that just ‘cuz I can use clippers to buzz my boys and I get John Freida color for free, I am NOT really a hairdresser and I can NOT do it WELL myself!!  Plus I WANT the pampering – and I NEED a change!  See I get it… work = reward!

Mercy – this has turned into the longest post ever… and I am still actively working on options for the other two – family and friends… so I will leave you with the goal of making your own list and checking back this week to see what the other PLANS are…  Feel free to comment and tell your “focus” and any ideas for making the most of your time with or on your favorites… Let’s Chat!!!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

Thoughtful Thursday ~ My own Political Nonsense??

Official photographic portrait of US President...

Official photographic portrait of US President Barack Obama (born 4 August 1961; assumed office 20 January 2009) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It sure has been a while since I’ve had a “Thoughtful Thursday”…   I seriously started a “What’s Up Wednesday” but I got all political and ‘rambley’ and who wants to hear/read about that – right??  Plus I work on Wednesday nights so…. By the time I got home I couldn’t get it all detailed out and I am starting fresh, best of both worlds, I can roll it all into one!

  • ·       The more I try to understand politics, the more ignorant to the whole thing I realize I am…
  • ·       My personal feelings about politics vary greatly from what I “have to” agree with in order to keep my job…
  • ·       I do not believe the President – or anyone – should tell anyone else what to believe in… who they can marry… or what they can do with their own bodies!  Nor do I think any of these matters should be of concern for how our country runs…  Golden Rule – Don’t ask, don’t tell!  Keep your own business private… do unto others and live a good life, that is all that matters – right???
  • ·       Personally I think we need to run our country like a business and if it was my business and my money, there are a whole bunch of programs and people that would get the heave ho!  Oh wait – it is essentially my money…  Talk about a catch 22… I am indeed paid by the US Treasury… hhhmmmm
  • ·       Social “Welfare” programs (not just actual welfare, but all programs) were started for a reason… they do a lot of good but they are abused beyond belief… I do not know how to fix this and OBVIOUSLY no-one else does either!
  • ·       What in the sam-a-lama ding dong is the “electoral college”… Yeah I can go all Wikipedia on the words but seriously????
  • ·       WE have elected to keep President Obama on for four more years… regardless of your political view point, he is one CLASSY man!  He has great plans…  he can’t truly be faulted for all that is wrong with our country…we must hope for the best four years ever… we must get back to basics!  This has to start with every person in every home… 


What are YOU doing to make it work??  Do tell…

Sunday Funday – or not… Meal Planning is back!

Sometimes my Sundays are so exciting I can hardly stand it….  Today my life is meal planning!!

Do you ever feel like you are gonna explode??  So much to do, so little time – how do we fit it all in??  The more I think about this I realize that so many times I have been involved in something and the key is always organization and organization – SADLY – is not my thing!  Anyone with me here?? 

Anyhow, we (as a family) are back to full force, gung ho, sports…and that means Football and Cheerleading almost every night and full days on Saturdays for the next 2 months… so as bad as it is , the laundry can actually pile up but I still have to feed these people in my house and we are struggling with having meals ready because as I said – WE ARE NEVER HOME!!!  I decided what really worked for us was when I made a meal plan for the week and we stuck to it.  As I ALWAYS say, I shop the deals and then plan our meals around what we have on hand…  so I am yet again going to try to post and stick to a meal plan…and to of course print it and post it on my fridge so I can get my whole gang on board.  I know I am one of the lucky ones with a husband who likes to cook so as long as we come up with a plan and it is well known, he will prepare the goods so we can actually enjoy a hot, semi nutritious meal – even if it is at 8:30 some nights – rather than pizza or take out every night of the week!  Don’t get me wrong, we will still do pizza and take out… probably a lot more than most but hey – it’s a start….  Let me tell you how I spent my day – after making a planning list of course….

Today I worked on preparing lots of goods to get us through the week… I made “sauce”  – you know, my version of “cranked up Ragu” and I am making 2 lasagnas.  One for tonight and one for the freezer.  I also froze a pound of the meat mixture I use; cooked burger, sausage, peppers and onions and will have that for another pasta meal or maybe a “sausage bread” for another time.  Because of the amount of sauce I did up, I was also able to freeze a large container of that as well and can plan on another quick pasta night or the base for a pot of chili…  Because I was “slaving” away in the kitchen, I also fried up a pound of bacon for our BLT Pitas this week and 2 packs of brown and serve sausages for the kids to heat and eat.  Then because I was on such a roll, I made some egg muffins in my muffin top tin and we can heat and eat those with muffins or bagels for a quick breakfast.  I pulled a turkey out of the freezer so we could use that for a big crock pot meal – with tons of planned leftovers!  I cleaned and cut up carrots, peppers, celery and cukes and threw them in the fridge for easy snacks.  Then I made some of our favorite No-Bake Peanut Butter Cookies and a batch of brownies.  WOW – sometimes I even amaze myself… so here is the basic meal plan:

Sunday:  Lasagna Dinner

Monday:  Practice Night, BLT Pitas with Tortillas and Salsa

Tuesday:  Practice Night, Beans and Weenies in the Crock – Hot and ready to throw on a bun when we get home.  Veggies and Dip go perfectly with this.

Wednesday:  In’laws coming over – and we have 17 different fundraisers going on right now so we have to bribe them with some good food so it’s the “turkey in the crock” night… easy stuffing and frozen corn for sides!

Thursday:  Practice Night again, Marlboro Man Sandwiches which I made and froze last week…   we can throw the meat in the crock before practice so it’s hot and ready to go when we get home.  Will have some fresh fruit to go with these – depending what I pick up at the Farmers Market that day at lunch.

Friday:  I have the day off so after my mani-pedi, massage, shopping spree and casino tour, I will pick up our catered dinner….  and then when my three kids wake me up from actually believing that is my life I will come up with something amazing to make with my turkey dinner leftovers – after I take a group of “sweet kids” to Darien Lake for the afternoon.  Probably a turkey pot pie or turkey shepard pie type meal but I have to look up some recipes.  Ideas anyone??

Saturday:  First Games of the season… Taking the picnic bag full of great healthy snacks but will surely have some concession food for lunch and Pizza out with friends afterwards.  Anyone wanna go out for pizza??

Sunday:  Starting the process over for the following week but planning on cooking a large pot roast for a nice dinner and lots of extra meat for meals during the week.

So – what did you do today???


Monday Matchups – of a different kind…LOL

Monday Matches… Surfing the gigantic world wonder web and figure you may be just as interested in the things I find, as I am – LOL – I know !!

So – Crafty pants that I am – yeah…. I was looking up how to make my own etched wine glasses cuz you know they sold beautiful ones at the wine festival but I just knew I could do it myself for ¼ of the cost… Anyhow this tutorial  (from Gabriel’s Good Tidings) makes it sound so easy and I am guessing I can pick up this:  ARMOUR ETCH at my local Michael’s…???  Where are my crafty friends??  Anyone ever try this??

This also reminds me that I have to share some of the fun we had at the Wine Festival with you…  I laugh when I think of the changes over the years… this was our 13th year and we know we are getting old because the food has become more important than the alcohol!!  Back in the day we sometimes remembered to grill hotdogs and open bags of chips and cookies…  now we have competitions to come up with the best camp food and BEST FOOD it is!!  In one weekend, we ate out on the waterfront, we did a seafood boil where we had so many KING crab legs that there were LEFTOVERS…Can you even imagine??  Everyone ate so much and was so full that crab legs just lay on the platter…  HONESTLY!  The next night we had steaks that were over 1.5 inches thick and after cooking you could cut them with a butter knife.  This is all in addition to some of the best appetizers and sides that I have ever tasted – AND some pretty fun blender drinks to boot!!  This is camping at its finest people…  22 of us this year, It was AWESOME!!!  Not to mention my cliff diving debut – but that is a whole ‘nother story….  LOL!!  AND – I really did have some wine… and some really GREAT stuff too!  A sparkling Moscato… the absolute best!!

So yeah, anyhow, back to the whole food thing , regardless of my horrid lack of blogging right now I am still doing the whole meal planning thing and being that we are busier than EVER right now I am really trying to plan out meals so we are eating at home cheaper and healthier (??) than a drive thru or pizza… or FAIR food to the tune of $50 for everyone to have a snack (Wholly HELLO)!!!!  But man those bloomin’ onions are good!!  …and maple cotton candy and fresh lemonade and fries in a bucket with vinegar and “cookie dough” (fried dough) as CK calls it….  Yummo but seriously, the good ole’ Genesee County Fair, she ain’t what she used to be…sad, soo sad!!

Okay so in my meal planning and constant perusal of the web I have found a few recipes/meals that I have to try…  My friend Didi posted these awesome Potato Pancakes which will go great with our Sloppy Joes this week.  Then for our chicken night, I have been trying to find a “sticky chicken” type recipe that we all love and, in addition to tons of great looking desserts like smores bars, I finally found this chicken one I could throw in the crock pot.  Then there is this Golden Baked Zuchini recipe and Crunchy Asian Slaw from one of my new favorite sites and since I was going through this site I also decided the kids and I would try these pizza snowballs on Ks golf night. 

So also, just to share, my “INKY BINKY BUBBA JOE”  is off to camp for a whole week and so far I haven’t crumbled COMPLETELY so good….  The utter independence of that child amazes me… I’m pretty proud and sad but mostly PROUD!! 

Shopping?  Deals??  How was your weekend???????


What’s Up Wednesday ~ Back by popular demand…LOL!!


Lemonade Can

Lemonade Can (Photo credit: Gwen<3you)


Is anyone else truly going out of their mind right now?  I mean seriously, today was my kid’s last day of school and I swear, it was about a week ago that they started school…  and really – we are FRIGGEN’ half way to Christmas already – well about a week shy of that , but STILLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!   UGH!!!!!

Where in the world does the time go??  I truly, truly, truly hate that it goes so very quick…  I really want things to slow down… I want to enjoy myself more…  I want the old Country Time Lemonade commercial kind of summer – anyone remember those commercials??  I want my kids’ to have awesome memories of summer vacation!!  So what is a “PSYCHO-Control freak – losing her mind, mama” to do??  PLAN THE FUN I tell you, PLAN THE FRIGGEN’ FUN!!!

*Yet Planning my summer is going to make it go all the faster – I just know it!!*

So far, we have our first cheerleading boot camp, a Muckdog’s game, a Tri-Town pizza party for all the baseball/softball teams, a GIRLS birthday/campout and our baseball teams picnic – all planned for next week – GEESH!!!  The kid’s will be going to swimming lessons and rec. at the school each day through the beginning of August.  They also got Darien Lake Amusement Park Season Passes and we are getting the State Park season pass as well.  I am looking for a library program for once a week and with these things, my Mom will have somewhere to take them a couple of afternoons each week.  Sounds like that should make up for the fact that they cannot sleep in every day cuz the Mama has to go to “stupid work”!!  Ha – if you think you can hear my voice by reading what I write…can you just picture my kids whining that last phrase…LOL!!

I have also been watching GROUPON and bought Buffalo Aquarium passes that also offered FREE admission to the Rochester Zoo and we received tickets to the Buffalo Zoo as a gift…  So with all of these options, I feel like we are already looking at a pretty booked summer.  Don’t forget popping in on my in-laws at one lake and our favorite neighbors at another, seeing the 4th’s fireworks show at Buffalo Hill and hitting the drive-in at Silver Lake a couple of times…  See – next thing you know, we’ll be fighting to get back to school shopping done and dreading the fun filled Labor Day weekend because it will just mean summer is ending and we will be rounding the bend to winter…..  GGGRRRRRR!!!!!

So tell me – what do you do to CELEBRATE Summer?  How do you worship the Goddess that is sun?

What am I missing on my to-do list?  What will my children declare to their therapist (later in life of course) that their very own mother deprived them of because she worked all the time??

Guilty conscious,  perhaps??  PERHAPS!! 

So help a girl out… talk to me… what can I do to slow down time… or at the least what else can we plan to do this summer??



Tasty Tuesday ~ Taco in a Bag / Camp Food

Camping season is here…  WHOOHOOO

Anyone that knows me, knows this is utter sarcasm – LOL!  

Don’t get me wrong, I like to camp – once a year, at the wine festival, without kid’s and did I mention the wine, like 300 wineries all in one spot??

But alas, I am outnumbered 4 to one…5 to 1 if you count the dog and lord knows that throws a whole ‘nother level of fun into the mix…   so I have committed to going camping with my family at least once per month for the summer.  If I am lucky that may only entail three trips and if I play my cards right, I could count the winefest in July as one…  MAYBE!!

Anyhow I have been perusing the trusty interwebs for handy “camp food” with the main criteria being EASY, Kid-friendly fare that will feed a lot of people because you never know how many you will have.  A recipe that popped right to the fore-front was TACO IN A BAG and I am familiar ‘cuz the kid’s have it for lunch at school and LOVE it!!  It definitely meets my criteria and can certainly be adapted to our surroundings…  Check it out:




  • ground beef with taco seasoning…  I will prep ahead so all we have to do is warm it up.
  • salsa, sour cream, shredded cheese
  • taco toppings to your likin’
  • individual sized bags of Doritos or Fritos
  • plastic forks

When ready to eat gently squish the bags of chips. Open bag, pour in an individual serving of the prepared ground beef, add sour cream, shredded cheese, salsa and whatever you so choose. Place fork in bag, stir a bit, and eat.  Yum!!!

  • It was also suggested to just buy a big bag of your favorite chips. Each person then gets a zip loc bag (or plate or bowl for the adults) – add what parts you want, seal and shake – the kids love it!


AWESOME right??  For this weekend’s adventure we are also planning make your own pizza’s on the grill using small Boboli crusts… 

Hmmm, multi-tasking mama says, “Taco Pizza anyone?”


What is your favorite “camp” food?  Please don’t say Steak and Lobster…agh… if only…

C’mon – help a girl out – I need more ideas!!!!!!!!  Do tell!!!!!!