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Weekly Menu ~ Meal Plan

Another crazy FUN week ahead… NOT that I am complaining, BUT working 50+ hours per week sure makes it tough to cook and plan dinners…. I leave the house at 7:30 am and some nights I meet the family at the ball park and we don’t get home until after 8:30 PM… This week we have 3 of those days AND we are camping for the weekend, so I have to get that ready as well… is it really any wonder I can’t get my laundry caught up?!!

BUT I am determined to have dinner together and to avoid the draw of ordering out or drive through!! I would NEVER claim my food is 100% healthier than take out, but I do try to offer up fresh fruits and veggies and stick to a budget. So – These are the weeks that planning and a little prep work are super critical… I had to figure it all out ahead of time, shop for the needed add-ons, and prep a few things today to ensure our week goes smooth!!

For Sunday Supper, K wanted to cook up some ribs we had frozen…. So I made a LARGE (enough for lunches and another dinner side) Sweet Pickle Mac Salad and Baked Beans. Both will get used again this week. I also fried up an extra pound of bacon for BLTs, while we made brunch today, and then grilled a few chicken breasts for Chicken and Salad this week as well. Being Sunday Funday – my cooking day, I also started a large crock of sauce so I have that for sausage, peppers and onions during the weekend and the start to Father’s Day Stuffed Shells.


Here is OUR plan for the week….

Monday – Chicken and Salad – I already prepped a large salad and have plenty of fresh veggies as snacks for the week too so combined with my already grilled chicken; we can have dinner in 5 minutes!!

Tuesday – BLT Pita Sandwiches – Bacon is ready, leftover salad and some sliced swiss… all stuffed into pitas and served with carrots, celery and sliced peppers.

Wednesday –Beans and Weenies – Beans from the weekend, chop a bunch of hot dogs and throw it all in the crockpot to heat while we are gone. Not the healthiest, but a hot, delicious, family favorite that we generally devour a melon with!

Thursday – BBQ Chicken and Sweet Pickle Mac Salad – I lightly, pre-grilled the chicken so K can set it in the crock with BBQ sauce for the few hours we are gone. Served with the Mac Salad I made over the weekend too.

Friday @ Camp – Sausage with Peppers and Onions – all in a crock with sauce so it’s hot and ready when we get set up!

Saturday – Father’s Day BBQ – GREEK CHICKEN (favorite marinade found HERE) and BUILD’a’BURGER bar!!

Sunday – Breakfast Pizza for brunch, Stuffed Shells for dinner, and Ice Cream Sundaes

Tell me – HOW do you feed your family during the “rat race”?? Any GREAT tips??

What are you having this week??




Weekly Menu ~ Meal Plan

chocolate cheesecake stuffed strawberries

Another week down… HOW ARE YOU?? Even amongst a crazy busy weekend, I still managed to make a few treats and to prep a few meals for the week… Biggest hit this weekend was my Chocolate Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries! I am still fine tuning the presentation and may play with the delicious center but I basically made a chocolate cheesecake filling from melted chocolate chips (with a bit of butter) and cream cheese and sugar and then filled some hollowed out strawberries. Easy, delicious and a huge hit with kids and adults alike!

cookie tray

I also made a cookie platter featuring my famous “Peanut Butter No-Bakes” (HERE) and the MONSTER COOKIES that I will share the recipe of this week…. Just say finding peanut butter M&Ms was a wonderful surprise!!


Today, after taking my oldest shoe shopping – OMG – who knew the 14 year BOY would be so much trouble/drama… although we really did have some GREAT quality time together which does not happen near enough because he is a 14 year old boy! Back home, I started by making a batch of “SAUCE” (HERE) and then we grilled a bunch of chicken breast and dinner was BBQ chicken (grilled with garlic powder and season salt – then basted with a honey BBQ sauce) and a large salad. We had a rousing game of whiffle ball and Nestle Drumsticks for dessert! WHY does the weekend ever have to end??? Wasn’t it just Friday?? It was like a Countrytime Commercial kind of afternoon/evening!

Also noting that after not being able to put my pre-grilled chicken away tonight because my fridge is too full and thereby cleaning out all the previous leftovers and having a sink full of dirty dishes at 11 pm… I realize I either cook too much or too often and we need to be better about using what we have… anyone else have this problem? Such a waste – UGH!!!

So – our week ahead entails a softball party, week long football camp, baseball practices, 1 game, a year end – and FINAL- Girl Scout party, and then for me, a lunch with some amazing blogging buddies! Needless to say the food needs to be ready and easy!

So this week I pulled a couple freezer meals and with the extra grilled chicken and the premade “sauce”, our weekly dinners include:

  • Chicken and Veggie Stir Fry (using the grilled chicken we premade, a bag of stir fry veggies and a bottle of stir fry sauce…. Easy, quick and YUMMMM)


  • Spaghetti and Meatballs (SSSHHHH – I bought a big bag of frozen meatballs…. I am POSITIVE the convenience will be worth it here!)


  • Balsamic Pork Roast – a freezer meal, perfect for the crockpot


  • Dorito Taco Salad – just a make your own taco on top of doritos (taco meat already premade)

Angel Chicken - MY Kicken' Chicken!!


So – what are you eating this week? DO TELL!!!


Weekly Menu ~ Meal PLan


Pot Roast

~ WEEKLY Meal Plan ~

Being “Sunday Funday” I got to spend the day in the kitchen – of course I actually did that on Saturday too… the kids and I made homemade pizzas and these delicious Peanut Butter Bon Bons ~ I’ll share my recipes this week!!

Peanut Butter Bon Bons

I put a HUGE roast in the cooker that we had for dinner with roasted veggies and fresh rolls and there are plenty of leftovers for hot beef sammies later in the week.

In order to prep ahead for the week and make dinner quick and easy; I fried 3 lbs. of burger and premade the taco meat for Tuesday and set aside 2 cups for easy sauce for Thursday. Then I cooked 3 chicken breasts for Wednesday’s dinner – which I put together already as well.

Here is our week plan:

Monday – “Meat-Less Mondays”

Mandarin Pasta Spinach Salad with Teriyaki Dressing – found this recipe HERE and can’t wait to try it with a few deviations to our preference…. spring mix, the craisins and mandarin oranges, and toasted almonds AND sunflower seeds! Not sure if my family will AGREE this is a full meal or not, but I am trying to convert them!!


BAKED TACOS – found this recipe HERE, so simple – yet brilliant! I also love that I can prep the meat ahead of time and can quickly and easily throw this in the oven!

Wednesday –

Creamy Chicken Broccoli Pies – found this recipe HERE and loved the sound of it… also appreciate that I can prep them all ahead of time and we can simply bake them for dinner!

Thursday – PASTA NIGHT

Spaghetti w/Meat Sauce –

Friday –

BBQ Beef Sammies  – taking the leftover beef from Sunday’s roast and reheating in beef broth then adding BBQ sauce prior to serving…. On garlic butter toasted rolls…. YUMMMMM


Saturday – To cook or not to cook…

Leftovers, Breakfast (cereal), Something New, or eating out – it all depends on what the weekend plans end up being AND whether or not the week’s plan stayed on track… Fill in as needed or have wine for dinner and make the masses fend for themselves – my favorite plan!!

 Sunday –

Chicken Dinner – Not quite sure what to make yet, some yummy baked chicken dish… I’ll have to study some more recipes first!


SO – what are you making this week?



Monday Matchups ~ all the meals, all the deals!

Happy MONDAY my friends! How are you??


So far this week, I did a MEAL PLAN HERE


I planned a simple RITE-AID Ups rollHERE


I read the paper and review the adsNOTE – The Aldi ad for this week shows a fresh family pack of chicken breast for 1.89/lb on WEDS – the FRESH meat special buy day…??? Has anyone done this deal??


I got a small Redplum and a Smartsource in each of my papers today…


The SmartSource coupon inserts also include some GREAT Tops coupons that can be combined with regular manufactures coupons….


So Back to TOPS:

After the H&B week and then the dollar doubler week I figured I had no reason at all to go to TOPS this week but WOW – the deals are still rolling…. Lots of buy this many, save this much deals and basically they equate to $1 LESS per item so really good prices! Don’t forget all the click to card coupons available on the Tops site; including a $5/$50 coupon (or 2), so add that now!! Click HERE


Click HERE – for all the TOPS deals I am interested in this week!


SO – favorite meal?? Favorite deal?? Share something with us!!

Weekly Menu ~ Meal Plan

~ WEEKLY Meal Plan ~

I finally made the TURKEY today… and it sure was delicious! I had a crazy busy weekend though and didn’t get to spend the day cooking and baking and watching cooking and baking shows… darn! BUT I asked for some help making a meal plan and everyone offered great ideas!

I planned a Rite-aid deal: HERE

I started the new week’s deals at TOPS – oh my, this week may be as crazy as last week…. LOVE the coupon deals!!

Then I got back to the menu for this week – Here is what we’re having and everything derived from the “have to be quick and easy” menu:

Monday –

BAKED ZITI – I made the sauce last week and although I like to make ahead, this is quick and easy enough to prepare on a busy week night!

Tuesday –

DOG and BEAN POT – Another Easy quick week night dinner…. Hot dogs cut in chunks and cooked right in baked beans in a casserole dish….

Wednesday –

TURKEY GRAVY over STUFFING PATTIES – all our leftovers from the Turkey Dinner… YUMMMM

Thursday –

BEEF STEW – another leftover already in my freezer from last week…. So quick and it truly was delicious!!

Friday –

DINNER OUT – Just me and CK so it’ll be his choice…. Can hardly wait – LOL

Saturday –

BREAKFAST FOR DINNER K is snowmobiling and although that man will eat SPAM, he does not like breakfast for dinner…. CRAZY… but since he is gone, the kids and I will make a breakfast buffet… for dinner… and then we can sleep in on Sunday and not worry about getting brunch in – LOL

Sunday –

Is there a meal called: “Don’t know, Don’t Care cuz K will be home from his snowmobile trip and can make dinner cuz I am going to see GARTH” otherwise known as PIZZA = probably – LOL!!



SO – what are you making this week??


Monday Matchups ~ TOPS deals this week


Some crazy, just for FUN from last week on THOUGHTFUL THURSDAY HERE

 Angel Chicken - MY Kicken' Chicken!!

MOST VIEWED recipe from last week – My all new “Kicken’ Chicken” HERE


Meal Plan for the week happened HERE


Rite Aid Deals and rolling the UPS – HERE


~ And after careful review and much coupon sorting…


BELOW are MY favorite TOPS deals for this week – Take a look at the ad!!


General GREAT Deals ~

Ground Beef @ $2.99/lb (Best price I have seen on decent burger in a while…sad but true!)

Whole Boneless Pork Loin @ $1.99/lb *Personally I cut this in 1/3’s and make 3 separate roasts BUT did you know you can ask the butcher at the store to cut this for you… all chops… whatever you want! This is a delicious cut of meat and a GREAT price!!!

Butter @ $1.99 (STOCK UP!!)

Eggs – 2/$3


10 for $10 sale – Buy 10 and get the 11th item free (so .90 each – great deal on 2 liters to start stocking up for camping season!)

  • Pepsi 2 Liter
  • Gatorade
  • Propell
  • Snapple
  • Upstate Intense milk
  • Tops Pasta
  • Del Monte Tomatoes
  • Green Giant canned Veg
  • Rotel Tomatoes use the $1/3 Rotel coupon from the 1/18 Smartsource
  • Chef boyardee cans and Micro cups
  • Starkist Albacore Canned
  • Manwich
  • Quaker Popped rice cakes use the $1/2 Quaker Popped coupon from the 1/4 Redplum pay $.50
  • Nabisco Go Packs
  • Keebler Mini Cups


Nabisco Snack crackers – 3 / $6 ( $2 each ONLY when you buy 3)

– the $1/3 Nabisco coupon from the 1/18 Smartsource

= $1.67


Sugardale Hot Dogs – $1.25 (We hoard these for fish food – fishing at camp!)

– the $.50/1 Sugardale coupon from the 2/1 Smartsource

= $.25


My reason for shopping this week ~

BONUS 200 GAS POINTS WHEN YOU BUY 5 CEREAL – LOVE the cereal stock up option!! All cereal (as listed in ad) is $2.50/box!

Buy 5, deduct your coupons and still get 200 BONUS gas points worth $6! That is an additional savings of $1.20 off each box… so for example, I have $1 of Post Honey Bunches of Oats Q’s… so my cereal will be only $1.50 ($2.50-$1 coupon) BUT I will get $1.20 value in free gas, so cereal is only $.30/box!!

BUT WAIT… I also have “buy 2 cereal get a FREE gallon of milk coupons”…

AND would you believe I also have “buy 2 cereal and save $2 on coffee coupons”… and there is a super deal on a small canister of Maxwell House for only $1.99… so FREE coffee as well!

THIS is my favorite coupon deal ever – LOL!!!!


  • General Mills – $1/3 General Mills coupon from the 2/22 Smartsource (I have received 2 catalinas for $2.50 off of 5 boxes recently so check your stash and check your printables!)
  • Quaker (look for peelies!)
  • Post (I ordered some good coupons for these!)


…and FINALLY ~


(100 Pts WYB $10, 200 Pts WYB $15 and 300 Pts WYB $20) * be safe, scan the” in ad coupon FIRST

There is also THIS pdf printable from Tops for $5/$20 HERE

AND this $2/$10 in Health and Beauty coupon HERE

AND click-to-card just issued 3 coupons for TopCare Children’s Suspension ($3), Omeprazole ($3) and Ibuprofen ($2)… add them HERE

… I need to check for more coupons…. But liking:

  • SOFTSOAP hand soap – B1G1
  • DOVE (bar soap) 2 pk – B1G1
  • IRISH SPRING or SOFTSOAP Body Wash or Speed Stick GEAR Deodorant – 2/$7
  • SUAVE Shampoo – $1
  • HALLS – $1.25 (use the $1/2 Halls coupon from the 2/8 or 1/11 SS)


SO – what is your favorite MEAL and/or DEAL this week?  Do tell!!

Monday Matchups ~ Including this week’s TOPS deals

pork loin

Meal Plan for the week happened HERE


My Favorite EASY Pork Roast was Sunday Supper HERE


Tried this dessert – Tollhouse Pie…. OMG, seriously! It tastes like a pecan pie but with chocolate chips instead of nuts –HERE


Rite Aid Deals and rolling the UPS – HERE


And after careful review and much coupon sorting… below are my favorite TOPS deals for this week!!


Chicken Breast – $1.99/lb. STOCK UP PRICE!!

Apples – B1G1

Tops Extra large eggs – B1G1 @ $2.99

Tops Bagels 5 ct – $1 (LOVE the EVERYTHINGs)

Many options on pg 1 and pg 4 – ALL ARE $1 and SAVE $2 OFF INSTANTLY WYB 10 (so .80 each wyb 10) HERE are my favorites where I feel .80 is a stock up price:

  • Tops Spaghetti sauce
  • Ronzoni Pasta
  • Kraft Mac N Cheese
  • Spice Classics
  • Tops Mini Marshmallows
  • Tops Snack Cakes
  • College Inn Broth cans 14.5 oz


  • Quaker Life or Captain Crunch Cereal BOGO @?? (counts as 2 items toward gas pts)
  • Tropicana 50 $3.33- Use the $1/1 Tropicana 50 coupon from the 1/11 Smartsource and pay $2.33
  • Quaker chewy bars $2.50

Motts 6 packs or Bigger Jars $2 use the $1/1 Motts coupon from the 1/11 Smartsource pay just $1


  • Chex mix or Bugles $2.00 use the $1/2 Chex mix or Bugles coupons from the 1/4 or 1/25 Smartsources pay $1.50
  • Frito Lay Party Size bags $3.99
  • Gatorade or Propel fitness water 6 ct $3
  • Schwepps Seltzer 12ct $2.50


  • Sargento Shredded Cheese $2.50 use the $1/2 Sargento Shredded cheese coupon from the 1/25 Smartsource pay $2 before instant savings
  • Tastings cheese $2 use the $1/1 Tastings Cheese coupon from the 1/25 Smartsource pay $1 before instant savings DEAL BELOW

Wishbone Dressing $2 use the $1/2 Wishbone dressing coupon from the 1/11 Smartsource and pay $1.50


NEXT week will be a BIG – HUGE – GIANT cereal stock up week so get ready!!!!

Menu Monday ~ Weekly Meal Plan

burger stroganoff

~ WEEKLY Meal Plan ~

Cooking through my freezer as I need room for the upcoming turkey sale! Here is this week’s meal plan…. Hope there is something you will want to try!!


Monday –

Chicken Margarita – an amazing balsamic chicken and noodle recipe from a MEAL APPEAL weight watchers meal session. It froze beautifully and reheated perfect…. For anyone that had it, I have to say I added a cup of ranch dressing …. Probably blew the WW points there but it was delicious!!!


Tuesday –

Lots of pork left from my roast last week, so I am reheating it and serving on warm tortillas = Pork Carnitas!


Wednesday –

Hawaiian Chicken – another FREEZER Meal from my collection!


Thursday –

Burger Stroganoff – created this last week and OMG was it phenomenal! I shared the recipe HERE – go ahead make a double batch!!


Friday –

Chicken Pot Pie – I have one in my freezer, it’s warm and hearty and always a big hit in my house!



Football, football, football… have I mentioned my boy is on the #1 team in the league?? We start playoffs in Medina (our game is at 8:10 PM – I know!) and our little “minis” are playing too, so we will be there from noon til midnight….probably PIZZA for dinner!


Sunday –

Me and the Food Network! Home all day – huge beef roast for the crockpot, potatoes, carrots and beans! I will come up with some amazing dessert and I hope to make at least a few jars of applesauce!