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TOPS (next week) ~ Paper Goods BONUS Gas Point Deal


Toilet paper Español: Papel higiénico

Toilet paper Español: Papel higiénico (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Okay – I scoped out next week’s TOPS ad…. and there are some phenomenal deals up next week… I am doing them one at a time and will post each as I get them – and then of course compile them all in one once I am finished…  Here is the first of the super deals!!

Paper Goods Gas Point Deal

Buy any 5, Get 200 BONUS Gas Points

These BONUS deals are really awesome because you are essentially earning $6 off (this is the value of the 200 Gas Points) every time you buy the required amount of items… so in this case, you have to buy 5 items to earn the BONUS worth $6… that is as good as $1.20 off each of the 5 items…  Makes the prices look much better doesn’t it?!!

  • ·         Angel Soft Toilet Tissue – $5.99

-$0.45/1 Angel Soft Bathroom Tissue, exp. 4/30/13 (RP 03/24/13)*weird amount, but will double to .90 if this is the one we get….??

  • ·         Sparkle Paper Towels – $5.99

-$1 printable from 

  • ·         Vanity Fair or Dixie; Plates, Cups or Bowls – 2/$5
  • ·         VF or Dixie Napkins – 2/$4

-$1/2 Vanity Fair Napkins, exp. 6/24/13 (RP 03/24/13)


The Best Deal:

Buy 5 VF Napkins @ $2 each = $10

-(2) $1/2 coupons

= $8 and Get 200 BONUS Gas Points – Value $6

= $2.00 for all 5, only .40 each!!

 ~ If you have the coupons and the money… and want to REALLY stock up, it is even a better deal if you can get 10!

Buy 10 VF Napkins @ $2 each = $20

-(5) $1/2 coupons

= $15 and Get (2) 200 BONUS Gas Points – Value $12

= $3.00 for all 10, only $.30 each!!


Personally I always use this time to stock up on my paper plates and even without a coupon but because of the gas points, this is still an awesome deal!  Many times there are $1/2 ‘peelie’ coupons on the plates so OBVIOUSLY this would make for an even better deal!!!

Buy 5 Dixie Plates @ $2.50 each = $12.50

Get 200 BONUS Gas Points – Value $6

= $6.50 for all 5, only $1.30 each!!



Finally; Here is an option just for some basic shopping, especially if you need to buy Toilet Paper and Paper Towels as well – this allows you to score a really great deal:

1 TP – $5.99

1 PT – $5.99

1 Dixie Paper Plate – $2.50

2 Vanity Fair Napkins – $2 each = $4.00

Total = $18.48

-$.45 Angel Soft Q DOUBLED to $.90 off

-$1 printable for Sparkle

-$1/2 Vanity Fair Napkins

$18.48 Total – $2.90 in coupons = $15.58

Get 200 BONUS Gas Points worth $6.00

= only $9.58 for all 5 items!!  You are scoring almost 50% off ~ AWESOME!!!


Next up: the Kraft Bonus Point Deal!!



Thoughtful Thursday ~ Let’s Chat!!

  • Cover of "Leprechaun Pot of Gore Collecti...

    Cover via Amazon

    All week I have been trying to get excited about some of the current deals and then I even looked to next week…  Can I just say I REALLY hate grocery shopping without gas point earning potential…  just seems like a waste… like paying for toothpaste, there just isn’t any reason to do it!!  Agree??  (Then there is that whole “kissin’ your sister” analogy…LOL)


  • Leprechaun Traps – anyone else CONSUMED with creating the perfect trap to catch that little bugger (Thank gawd for pinterest these days)?  Not only do we have to create the intricate trap but then  – even though that little guy probably “got away” – he would have certainly dropped some loot….  and frankly no-one is impressed by a few gold candy coins anymore!  When did every single holiday turn into extravagant gift giving sessions?  Anyone else find it difficult to appreciate or even celebrate the little holidays when your kids are telling stories of the leprechaun leaving big gifts like video games???  SERIOUSLY – I see it happening all around me!!  I mean the tooth fairy regularly drops $5 (or more) a tooth on some of these kids… and do not even get me started on the Easter Bunny, you know Santa Jr. – what the heck??!! 


  • So my oldest – the good child…. I have been highly amused by him for a while now – he WAS acting like a little song bird, chirping away about all of his buds being “in love” and how everyone was “dating”… Oh my how I laughed at all my poor friend’s with kids in this scenario – I mean they are 12… where are they going with this… dating-schmating!  BUT – my baby, the good one, kinda quit jabbering lately… no matter how much I inquired; he wasn’t spilling the beans any more…  SO –  as only a good Mom does, I read all of his instagram postings and OMG… HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND…..  WHAT?????????   I read (here is a KEY for you to follow /  J = the good child,  and DRLG = Dirty, Rotten, Little Girl who better not mess with my baby, the * are my added comments – obviously):  

J:  Hey – s’up?         *(ghetto much?? WHAT??)

DRLG:   HI… Wanna FT         *(that means facetime)

J:   ya… I was talking to this other girl and she wanted to know bout us… are we BF /GF or what??      *(other girl, yeah… that’s cool! And BF/GF is           boyfriend/girlfriend – LOL, I am here to help!!)

DRLG:   YEAH… Wanna FT

  • OMG… Can you say OMG….. aghhhhhhh…. which is worse – the fact that this is occurring – or the fact that this  exact wording is my son’s “line”….  OMG – soooo Suave!!!!  LOL – He is his father’s kid for sure!!!  I am not ready for this – I was so happy that he did not seem to care about girls, he is MY baby for goodness sake – aghhhhhhhhhh….  NOT READY!!!!!  AND no – it does not help to remember myself at 12, in sixth grade… I was riding the early bus to school under the pretense of extra morning help, applying makeup on that bus (LOVELY) and actually kissing a boy behind the bleachers on the track…  OMG – I need a drink!!!!!!!!


  • As I sit here typing this all up I realize I really want to paint my dining room furniture… I need to maximize this frustration….  I have an old farmhouse set… heavy pine… HUGE bulky pieces, that I love, but not so much on the distressed (that is the cool word for old and beat up) look and color.  I wanna go BLACK and I have seen tutorials on painting furniture but wondering if anyone has tips or pointers??  Ever do it?  Or is this one of those many ideas I get, crazy projects I start where after too much time and $ spent I realize this is something best left to an expert….  ??  Anyone want to paint my furniture??


  • I am hungry and I really want a Chicken Souvlaki (how do you spell that??) Pita…


These are my thoughts on this Thursday… what about you? 

Opinions on mine?  Some of your own? 

Do tell… Let’s Chat!!

Thoughtful Thursday ~ What’s Up, You??

A teacup on a saucer.

A teacup on a saucer. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 Thoughtful Thursday… hmmm… what are your thoughts?? 

MINE??  Let’s see…  Completely Muddled…

~ so let’s review shall we: 

Toaster Struedel – LOVE it, random I know, BUT LAWD it is sooo good!!!

Keurig – mine SUX but probably cuz my water SUX and even though I use a Brita pitcher to fill it, and run vinegar through it all the time it still only makes a half a tea cup and who are they scarin’ with that???

.25 sale on Christmas Items at DG – I picked up boxes of cards, multiple bags, bows and ornaments all for a quarter yesterday!!  Probably won’t be able to find them next year, but what a bargain – LOL!!

Stamp increase – oh yes, another penny… next week… forever stamp anyone??  Snail Mail anyone??  I can’t remember the last time I used a real stamp…  hope my PAL Jeff isn’t reading this…..  I promise to update the CHIP at work Jeff!!!

Volunteering in Kindergarten– SERIOUSLY, the very best part of my week!!  Maybe cuz they are the only ones who listen to me – ??!!  And they all want to sit next to me and be my friend… I definitely feel the LOVE!!!  And Kindergarteners are cute – and mostly sweet… WHY do they have to grow up???? – Have you signed up??  FREE kindle books emailed to you EVERY SINGLE DAY!! I use it all the time – AMAZING!!  Go NOW!!!!

Winter Activities – I promised my kid’s I would play with them in the snow…  I hate snow, I hate playing and sometimes those kids……  what’s a Mama to do?  How can “playing” “outside” be fun??  Does anyone else HATE to play?? Bad Mom??  Ideas??

TOPS looks GREAT next week – who’s ready for an all out shopping trip??  Does anyone else LOVE to grocery shop??  I’m talking Keibasa, pepperoni and potato chips HERE!!  Sometimes I pass up my night out to shop more deals – on my night out…  I am aware of the issues I have – Thank you!  Just looking for someone who shares my psychosis…  ???

My daughter, the STAR  – my baby girl was in the paper yesterday – The Daily – too cute, studious little girl… LOL… LIES, all LIES!!!  Would LOVE to show you the picture, but she took it to school and left it there….LOVE her sooooo much (not enough to PLAY with though) hahaha!!

So – LET’S CHAT… what do you got – gimme something – anything??!!


CVS FREEBIES and GREAT DEALS ~ week of 9/23/12

English: Herbal Essences - "Color Me Happ...

English: Herbal Essences – “Color Me Happy” shampoo and conditioner bottles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Alteril Sleep Shot 2pk. – $5.79
Get $5.79 ECB (limit 1)
= FREE!!

Thermacare Lower Back and Hip Heat Wrap 1ct. – $3.79
Get $3.79 ECB (limit 1)
= FREE!!

CVS Kiosk Coupon is printing a $4/$12+ cosmetic purchase Q(expires 10/2/12)

Revlon Cosmetics – B1G1 50% – starting at $9.99
Buy (2) = $14.99
– (2) $5/1 Revlon, foundation, powder, primer, blush or concealer 09/09/2012 SS Insert (exp 10/14/2012)
AND $4 off $12 Cosmetic Purchase (CRT print week of 9/23)
= as low as $.49 each wyb 2

(Check Maybelline too as they have q’s (8/5 and 9/9 RP) and are offering $3 ECB wyb $10!)

Get $5 ECB wyb $15 of:  Aussie, Pantene, Herbal Essence or Head & Shoulders Shampoo or Conditioner 22-29oz. – $5.99
Buy (4) = $23.96
– (2) B1G1 Herbal Essences Conditioner or Styler, up to $6.99 09/16/2012 SS Insert (exp 10/31/2012)
Or – B1G1 Pantene Conditioner or Styler, up to $6.99 09/16/2012 SS Insert (exp 10/31/2012)
Or – $1/2 Aussie, excludes travel or trial 09/16/2012 SS Insert (exp 10/31/2012)
AND –  $3/2 Herbal Essence or Aussie 08/05/2012 RP Insert (exp 09/30/2012)
OR – $1/2 Pantene 08/26/2012 P&G Insert (exp 09/30/2012)
Get $5 ECB wyb $15 (limit 1)
= as low as $.99 each wyb 4 (Herbal Essence)

Advil Congestion Relief 10ct. – $4.99
$2/1 Advil Congestion Releif Product
Or- $2/1 Advil Allergy and Congestion Relief
Get $3 ECB wyb 2 (limit 5)
= as low as $1.49 each wyb 2

Get $10 in ECB WYB $20 worth of Nature Made Vitamins (Limit 1)
Nature Made Adult Gummies – and other –  $2 or $3manufacturer coupon (9/9/12 SS#2 insert)


Get $4 in ECB WYB $12 worth of participating Glade (Limit 1) 
8/26 and 9/23 SS coupons!