Weekly Menu ~ Meal Plan

camp burger home

Oh my – the baseball/softball season is in FULL swing! We are actually lucking out with only ONE game each day this week… but we also have BABY GIRLS 13th Birthday and Mother’s Day to contend with… AND today was too beautiful of a day to spend inside making food for the week, so I need a really good plan!

We had dishes of beans and potatoes and those paired so well with fresh delicious burgers on the grill today!! Tasted just like the summer day it was!!

I also already prepped cubed chicken to make CASHEW CHICKEN this week and I am pulling the last of the FREEZER MEALS I have stashed out to make room for next weekend’s MEAL APPEAL workshop… Have you LIKED the MEAL APPEAL facebook page yet? PLEASE do and share all the event postings!!

Here are the dinners we are having this week:

  • BURGERS on the grill – camp burgers from a Meal Appeal workshop
  • Cashew Chicken from this recipe HERE
  • Beans and Wienies – throw them in the crock before baseball and its hot and hearty when we get home
  • Dinner out – Birthday Girl’s choice
  • Lasagna (Freezer Meal Stash) – perfect for a Friday NIght
  • Chicken Pot Pie (Freezer Meal Stash) and an awesome BREAKFAST CASSEROLE (Freezer Meal Stash) for BRUNCH
  • Sunday – Mother’s Day…. Donna’s Dip HERE and Veggie and Fruit Platters… Chicken BBQ with Sausage, Peppers and Onions, Big Ole’ Macaroni salad HERE and Desserts!!

And you…? What does your week entail? AND what are you cooking??

Donna’s Dip ~ FRESH with veggies!

Donnas Dip

My friend Donna makes this dip and for years I would wait to hook up with her at a party just to get some of this yumminess… until it dawned on me that I could actually make it myself… sometimes I am so brilliant that way!!

This dip is just FRESH… every bit of it bursts with flavor and using the requisite BLACK PEPPER Triscuits make it a complete meal!!


  • Block of Cream cheese
  • 3TBS sour cream
  • 3 TBS dry ranch
  • Tomato
  • Cucumber
  • Red Onion
  • 1 cup Italian dressing (ZESTY)
  • Black Pepper Triscuits!


  • Chop (finely diced) a tomato, a cucumber and a red onion and pour a cup of ZESTY Italian dressing over it… set aside while you prepare creamy layer
  • Blend a block of cream cheese with sour cream and dry ranch dressing… spread in 9×13 or on a serving platter with sides….
  • Pour chopped veggies over the creamy layer
  • Serve with the triscuits (or any cracker) and dig in!!!


Sunday Funday, Weekly Menu ~ Meal Plan

Steak sides

Wow – what a GORGEOUS weekend – right?!!

Thankfully it was perfect for hanging clothes out – since my drier QUIT – AGHHHH – I try not to complain too much but SERIOUSLY that is the 5th major appliance/expensive thing (dishwasher, furnace, fridge, complete dash in my car and then the drier) this season… not to mention the ‘great flood’ caused by the blocked pipes…. And the main reason I have so much laundry right now….UGHHHHH

So we had a rule today… NO TV! I figured I would have a war on my hands and actually, I am the only one who felt the LOSS! I like to start my Sunday with FOOD NETWORK… a little Pioneer Woman, a little Trisha… but an hour turns into a few hours and before I know it, it is afternoon and I am way behind… so the TV never even went on today and not until after dinner was it even questioned again and I easily “stuck to my guns” and off to bed early went everyone – ‘cept me , of course!!  I could use a good dose of “Intervention” now but I am NOT giving in!  Maybe a new SUNDAY habit…. it’s quite nice (certainly better than Meatless Monday – hahaha)

So what’s a girl to do…. A little couponing…. A little prepping… and a whole lotta meal planning to get us through the week with baseball and softball every night and the anticipated trips to the laundry mat to dry what we can wash in between.




  • Prepped 5 lbs of chicken by trimming, seasoning and cooking it. I set aside ½ and poured SPEEDIE SAUCE on it to marinade and I chopped the other half more for Tortellini Soup.
  • Browned and “taco-ed” (totally a word!!) 5 lbs of ground beef since my freezer stash was low of that too.
  • Chopped veggies for the week (carrots, celery, cukes and sweet peppers) and I made a HUGE salad for the first few meals.
  • Cleaned , wrapped (tin foil)and baked a bag of potatoes with intent of having LOADED BAKED POTATOES for our MEATLESS MONDAY DINNER but they smelled so delicious and my cheese sauce turned out so good that I quickly steamed a bag of broccoli and had them tonight with an amazing steak!




Chicken Speedies… cubed chicken sautéed in fireman’s “speedie” sauce either plain, on salad, or in a yummy little hoagie roll with a bit of cheese, mayo and some crisp, crunchy veggies!

Dorito Taco Bake… still haven’t officially got to this one yet… but it’s a for sure this week because SMART Momma actually HID the Doritos as to ensure they would be there for my recipe!

Tortellini Soup (my very own recipe found HERE)…. A HUGE family favorite and perfect after a night on the ball field with plenty to share!

Pizza Bites – from a package… SERIOUSLY! I got a killer deal on the new Hot Pocket Pizza Rolls and since K and I were invited to a dinner show (one of those ‘Joey and Maria’s Wedding – dinner theatres), the kids luck out!

Chicken Fajita Pasta… saw the recipe HERE and am dying to try it!

Mongolian Beef… over rice… Using the steak from our Sunday Dinner to make a quick stir fry… a friend shared her recipe and it got tons of rave reviews to I will definitely give it a go although I have to admit I have never looked at a MONGOLIAN recipe before because of the stereotypical thought that Mongolia has no food…. Did anyone else think that?? Just me?? OK – moving on….

Another meal will totally end up being BREAKFAST for dinner, snacky stuff like cheese and crackers and fruit or even leftovers, so I am not stressing about a 7th meal!

And then the plan for next SUNDAY SUPPER is a good ole’ pork roast!

WHAT are YOU having this week? Any BIG plans?? Do tell – I LOVE the comments!!!

CVS ~ week of 4/19/15


A MONEYMAKER, some FREEBIES and a few CHEAP deals…   CVS is well worth the stop this week!


Softsoap Liquid Hand Soap 7.5 oz or Irish Spring Bar Soap 3 pk – 2/$4 (Signature Bar soap is included!)

-$2 Irish Spring Bar Soap Gear or Signature, exp. 5/2/15 (SS 04/12/15)

GET $2 ECB wyb 2 (limit 1)



Jergens, Curel or All Biore – according to CVS.com, these are included:

biore charcoal cleanser trial size 1 oz – $1.99-$2.19

jergens original scent cherry-almond moisturizer 3 oz – $2.37

Get $5 ECB wyb 2 (limit 1)





Xtra Liquid Laundry Detergent 30 loads – $1.99

-$1 crt (printing for everyone 04/19-04/25)

= $.99


VO5 Shampoo or Conditioner – 2/$1.50 (Limit 4)

$1 crt (printing for everyone 04/19-04/25)

= 2/$.50


All Almay Cosmetics B1G1 50% Off

-$4 Almay Product, exp. 4/26/15 (SS 04/12/15) [ETS]

Sunday Funday ~ Weekly Menu, Meal Plan

lasagna roll ups

Sunday Funday…. And what a FUN day it was FINALLY! So beautiful out… we hit 64 degrees! We opened every window, we played outside…. I hung clothes on the line! Who knew I would ever be so excited to hang clothes out!

The kids are starting baseball/softball tomorrow, so life as we know it is now OVER… every single night is practice and games will start before we know it! My wallet knew it when I bought all my groceries at once today (since I won’t have another chance to stop) and focused on mostly fresh fruits and veggies as the kids need snacks they can take with them and have before practice! I got melons, berries, apples, cuties and bananas and I bought a mixed bag of small sweet peppers, carrots, cukes, and grape tomatoes.

We always have granola bars and peanuts and I bought a few large bags of pretzels and then I divided them up between snack baggies so they are all ready for the week.

I also did all my prep work for the week’s meals… it is so important that I have everything ready to go when we are this CRAZY busy – or we will end up eating junk! I baked bacon, burger and chicken then I started a full crock of sauce…. I made a delicious new recipe of Lasagna Roll Ups (and froze 2 quarts of sauce for next time) for our “SUNDAY DINNER” (will share the recipe this week) and precooked my tortellini, rice and gnocchi along with chopping veggies and making dressing for tomorrow’s salad! I feel GREAT about this week’s meal plan…. Check it out!

Here is our ~ WEEKLY Meal Plan ~

Monday – “Meat-Less Mondays”

Greek Tortellini Salad – found this recipe HERE and can’t wait to try it!   Not sure if my family will AGREE this is a full meal or not, but I am trying to convert them!!



Dorito Taco Casserole – giving it a try…. My taco meat is all ready so I will assemble the casserole the night before and K can throw it in the oven!


Wednesday –

Creamy Chicken and Rice Bake – found this recipe HERE


Thursday – PASTA NIGHT

Loaded Chicken Alfredo Gnocchi Bake – found this recipe HERE


Friday – PIZZA or other FUN Family Favorite

Dogs on the Grill with CONEY Island Sauce


Saturday – To cook or not to cook…

Leftovers, Breakfast (cereal), Something New, or eating out – it all depends on what the weekend plans end up being AND whether or not the week’s plan stayed on track… Fill in as needed or have wine for dinner and make the masses fend for themselves – my favorite plan!!


Sunday –

Roast Beef Dinner – got a couple beautiful roasts at the B1G1 FREE sale at TOPS this week!


SO – what are you making this week??




TOPS deals ~ week of 4/5/15


Looking at next week’s TOPS ad – I see a few GREAT deals, although not much couponing or gas point earning – hahaha

Good thing I am cooking a 69lb. ham for Easter and we won’t need much for next week!!

HERE are my favorite deals:



ALL ARE 50 points when you spend $10 in the listed dept.: DAIRY, FROZEN FOOD, DELI, BAKERY, HEALTH AND BEAUTY


Decent Price but so far no coupons…. (hoping for some PEELIES)

  • Knorr Pasta Sides – $1
  • Pop tarts – $1.67
  • Post Cereals – $1.99
  • Oreos – $2.50



Here are my favorites – remember earning the BONUS gas points is comparable to saving an extra $1 on each item!!

  • Keebler Fudge Shop – $2.50
  • Snyders Pretzels or Tortilla chips and Salsas – $3

-$1/2 Pretzels (1/11 SS)

  • Frito Lay Party size bags (shows Doritos too) – $3.99



  • Breakstone Cottage cheese doubles – $1

-$.35/1 California product PDF HERE (should double)

  • International delight creamer – $3.00

– $1/2 ID Creamer (3/29 RP)

  • Dannon Light and fit 4ct -$2

-$.50/1 (doubled from the 3/22 SS)

  • Sargento Shredded Cheese – $2.50 (Tastings coupon in 3/29 SS)
  • Mama Rosies frozen pasta – $3.33
  • Fresh Gourmet Croutons – $2 – $1/2 Fresh Gourmet printable – HERE


Nice $1 Deals –

TOPS Snack Cakes, Hunts Snack Puddings, Ramen Noodles 6 packs


And Check out all the TOPS brand B1G1 FREE deals – in the ad…

  • My FAVORITE = Mezzetta Peppers BOGO (prices vary)
  • TOPS pickles, olives, mustard, rice, cream soups, chicken broth, croutons and Baggies
  • Jones Sausages BOGO @ $2.99
  • Monks Bread – this PDF printable HERE for .75 off




Tasty Tuesday ~ ‘Jacked Up’ Chicken – Bacon Bake


WHOOOAAA – aaaaaamazingggggg!!! SERIOUSLY – you have to make this!

A few weeks ago I had a chicken, bacon melt and it was so good and I kept thinking of how I could make it a FREEZER MEAL… so I searched the giant internet’s recipe files and I tried a few sauces and VOILA, the Jacked Up Chicken Bacon Bake was created!

My original sandwich housed Swiss cheese but I figured Pepper Jack would put this dish right over the edge and it sure did!!

Here we go….



  • 2-3 lbs boneless, skinless chicken breast (cut in ½ width wise) I used 4 breasts divided
  • ½ lb cooked bacon
  • 2 cups cheese – This time, I shredded and used Pepper Jack but have used sliced swiss before too… You just need to completely cover the chicken.
  • 1 can cream of chicken soup
  • ½ cup milk
  • ½ cup sour cream
  • 1 box stuffing mix
  • 1 stick of butter



  • Slice chicken breast (width wise) so the breasts are thin and place breast into a greased (spray Pam) casserole or 9 x 13


  • Cover chicken with strips of bacon


  • Cover bacon with cheese


  • Mix soup, milk and sour cream – pour over cheese


  • Melt stick of butter, mix stuffing into melted butter – pour over sauce and “push” into topping


  • Cover dish with foil and bake covered for 30 minutes in a 350 degree oven then remove foil covering and continue baking for another 15 minutes


  • Pull from oven, allow to sit for 5 minute then serve



Monday Matchups ~ HERE’s the deal….

Happy MONDAY my friends!


How are you?? Ready for the week ahead? It’s EASTER… I hope to goodness this means SPRING is upon us!! This week we need to get the eggs dyed… and get the desserts made!



Stay Tuned for the posting of the new Chicken Bake I created!!


No more UPS at Rite-aid so I skipped a plan there but I did plan a GREAT CVS trip!! – HERE


I planned MY favorite deals at TOPS HERE

I went today and got $243 worth for only $83 out of pocket… AND I earned $1.40 in gas points!!


Now – on to the CRAZY week…


SO – favorite meal?? Favorite deal?? Share something with us!!

Weekly Menu ~ Meal Plan


~ WEEKLY Meal Plan ~

On my SUNDAY FUNDAY cooking day I came up with the most amazing Chicken Bake – think of those yummy chicken, bacon melts… I even upped the stakes with Monterey Jack cheese. Stay tuned for that recipe on this week’s Tasty Tuesday!

I also pre-planned the week’s meals and of course shopped for everything we will need – for the meals and for EASTER dinner….

Check it out ~

Monday – “Meat-Less Mondays”

TUNA MAC SALAD I made a huge Mac Salad (tuna and tons of crisp veggies) for a “picnic” on Saturday and we are going to have that for dinner. Weigh in on the great mac salad debate HERE. Kids will have hot dogs with it. And then we color eggs!!

Tuesday – “TACO TUESDAY”

Chicken Enchiladas

Cheesy Chicken Taquitos This is our favorite ‘chicken enchilada’ recipe HERE.   Then I will make the Sugar Cookie Dough.

Wednesday –


LASAGNA SOUP based on this recipe HERE and will make Garlic Bread with Cheese from a French loaf. Cut outs for BUNNY BUTTS!!

Thursday – PASTA NIGHT

Chocolate Nests

Cheesy Smoked Sausage Skillet – recipe from one of my favorite sites HERE.   Make the Easter Bird Nests!!

Friday –

Good Friday Dinner Out – Extended Family… all go out for a fish fry / salad bar… or chicken fingers as my kids always prefer!

Saturday – To cook or not to cook…

Leftovers, Breakfast (cereal), Something New, or eating out – it all depends on what the weekend plans end up being AND whether or not the week’s plan stayed on track… Fill in as needed or have wine for dinner and make the masses fend for themselves – my favorite plan!! It will be a busy day of food prep for Easter Dinner so probably pizza!

Sunday –


Easter Dinner – 10 Guests, so dinner for at least 15 – Baked Ham, Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, Green Bean Casserole, Corn, Rosa Marina, Fresh Rolls and Cresents… and many Easter Treats and a Birthday Surprise for Papa – thinking Cream Puff Dessert.


SO – what are you making this week??


TOPS deals ~ week of 3/29

TOPS deals for the week ~ I am not seeing a ton of COUPON deals, but still some great prices and options…. Here is what I will do:



*Stock up CHEESE, Capri Suns, and KRAFT dressing, remember 200 BONUS points essentially saves you $1 per item…

Kraft Shredded cheese – $2.50 and Cracker Barrel slices and Bars – $2.50 or Kraft Singles – $3.00

Capri Sun 10ct – $2.50 (- $.75/3 Capri Sun 10 ct coupon 3/1 SS)

Kraft Dressing – $2



Pantene -$3.00

– $5/3 Pantene shampoo or conditioner coupons from the 3/29 or 3/1 P&G

OR -$2/1 Styler coupon from the 3/1 P&G or 3/15 SS

*When figuring value of gas points, the stylers are FREE


Sugardale Ham – $1.79/lb


Cheerios (all kinds) – $2.50

– $1/3 General Mills (3/22 SS) or the $1/2 Cheerios protein ( 3/1 SS)


Smithfield bacon – B2G3


Coffee Mate Creamer – $2.50


Pepsi 12ct , 8ct, or 6ct – B2G3 or Coke 2 Liters – $1 or 7up 5 for $5 when you buy 5


Nabisco crackers $2.00

-$1/2 Triscuit Tops coupon from the 3/8 Smartsource = $1.50 each


Tostitos or Lays – B2 Get 2 FREE


Birdseye or Steam Fresh – $1

-$1/2 Steamfresh (2/22 SS)


Pillsbury Crescent rolls $2


Bison Sour cream – B1G1


Potatoes – B1G1


Kozy Shack pudding – $2.50 (.75 tear pad right by pudding) or Jello Pudding – $1


Philly Cream cheese – $1.67

– $1/3 Kraft Cream cheese (3/15 SS) = $1.33


Banquet sausages -$1

French’s french fried onions – $2.99


Dole Canned pineapple -$1

– $1/3 Dole fruit (3/22 SS)


Pennsylvania Dutch egg noodles – $1

– $1/2 Pennsylvania dutch (3/8 SS)



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