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CVS and Rite-aid, Just the freebies…. ~ week of 4/28/2013

538968_611898955491441_130154047_nCVS ~


Oral-B Pulsar Toothbrush – $5.99
– $3/1 Oral B Toothbrush, adult battery or 3D White Action, rechargeable Toothbrush 03/31/2013 P&G Insert (exp 04/30/2013)
Get $3 ECB (limit 2)
= as low as FREE!!


Zyrtec Tablets 5ct. – $6.00
– $6/1 Zyrtec (4/28) * this weekend’s paper??
= FREE!!  (chance of stock??  Get a rain check!)


Hershey’s or Mars Single Serve Candy – $.99
– $.99/1 Hershey’s or Mars Single Serve Candy (Magic Coupon printing this week!) 
= FREE!!


HOT Deals to check out:


Sally Hansen Cosmetics  – Get $5 ECB wyb $10 (limit 1)

-$5 Sally Hansen Salon Insta-Gel Strips Starter Kit  /


Sunglass deal…  Adult and Children’s  offer a $5 ECB (Limit 2)  But being that I let my family choose any sunglasses they want – from the $3 rack at Dollar General – I am not willing to spend  a lot – hahaha





Rite-aid ~


Zyrtec Tablets 5ct. – $6.00
– $6/1 Zyrtec (4/28) * this weekend’s paper??

= FREE!!


Clear Eyes Eye Drops – $4.99
– $1/1 Clear Eyes Product 04/21/2013 SS Insert (exp 07/21/2013)
AND: $1/1 Clear Eyes (May VV)
Get $3 UP (limit 2)
= FREE!!


Neosporin Wound Cleanser – 2/$6 (must buy 2)
$2/1 Neosporin Product, any (Neosporin website)
or USE $1/1 ANY Neosporin First Aid Product Coupon 4/7 RP Insert Exp 5/24/13 ~ Limit 4 per Transaction

Get $2 UP wyb 2 (limit 2)
= 2 FREE!!


Poligrip Denture Adhesive ( .75oz) – $2.49

– $2.50/1 Poligrip Denture Adhesive .75oz+ Coupon in the 4/7 RP Insert  Exp 5/7/13



Weekly Menu and Meal Plan ~

800px-Whole_Chicken_Noodle_Soup_(163937285)I’m trying… I’m really trying to come up with some good deals for this week to post for you.

I have only seen about 2 deals of any interest, at each of the stores I frequent, so thinking I will take a run around to check some prices and then post with the ACTUAL deals I did!

In the mean time I am back to the Menu… wholley whamalama, no-one even knew how or what to eat last week… and since I meet everyone at the field each night and we just can’t eat until we get home, we had alot of cereal and PB&J.  Lesson learned AGAIN – the meals all need to be planned out and when they are things go so much smoother!!

First I gotta talk about burgers… you know, I think burgers are one of those things – like hard boiled eggs – and potato salad…  every once in a while you need a refresher on “how-to” !  My burgers were just blah… I mean okay, but not something to write home about… and we have this new-ish restaurant called Bourban and Burgers where the burgers are just AMAZING (maybe that’s just how I feel after starting with the bourban…???  LOL)  So I was playing with my burger recipe and trying to make them better when my gorgeous friend Didi over at “Dishin with Didi”  posted her bacon stuffed cheddar burger (CLICK HERE)…  OMG – there it was, the answer to my quest for the BEST BURGER!!  We made these last night, served them up on some grilled hard rolls, with mac. salad and chips and dip… on the completely NOT ready patio BUT for a few brief minutes, ALL was completely right in the world!!  YES – they were that good!!!!  Try them, trust me (said the government worker – LOL)!!!

So even though it’s a beautiful day and I am in and out doing this and that… I am cooking up a storm to plan out our meals for the week.  I have “sauce” going on the stove – a huge batch so I can make today’s dinner, gnocchi lasagna,  and to have enough for a meal later in the week, skillet lasagna… plus a starter for chili or something else which I will throw in the freezer.  I have beef tips thawing which I will put in the crock with gravy and I divided a package of chicken and cut into large chunks… 1/2 in one freezer bag with BBQ sauce and the other 1/2 with souvlaki seasoning.  I am also clearing out and designating a shelf in the fridge for the week’s preplanned meals and some portioned out snacks as well for the “on-the-go” we are experiencing every single night this week!!

So here’s the WEEKLY MENU and MEAL PLAN  ~

SUNDAY:  gnocchi Lasagna, adapted from this recipe / BLECH, I tried, I really tried… made “sauce” which was delicious and made 1/2 pan with ravioli and 1/2 pan with gnocchi…. the gnocchi was too mushy – absolutely gross – and the ravioli, although OK… looked like lasagna and smelled like lasagna but most assuredly did not taste like lasagna.  I certainly should have just made a lasagna!!  (I was trying to adapt meals for quick week night options… it is safe to assume this is NOT going to be one!!)  LOL – oh well… onward!!

MONDAY:  Beef Tips over Egg Noodles, adapted from this recipe

TUESDAY:  Chicken Souvlaki in Pitas, adapted from Didi’s dip HERE 

WEDNESDAY:  FIRST full game of the season…  Packed Picnic; Ham, salami and pepperoni roll ups (each person’s ‘sammie’ of choice), Peanuts, Grapes and Granola Bars!!

THURSDAY:  Hot Dogs in Beans; I cut weenies in half and throw them in the crock with 2 cans of beans… simple and yummy – you can still throw a couple of halves on a bun or you can further chop the hot dogs in the beans…  Hey – Simple, Delicious, Healthy – choose TWO… LOL – Served with fruit for a little “healthy”!!

FRIDAY:  BBQ Chicken Speedies – I’ll share this recipe this week, so yummy and I always double the chicken to have left overs for either chicken quesadillas or my FAMOUS tortellini soup!

SATURDAY:  Baked Penne, adapted from this recipe (and using the premade ‘sauce’ I got ready on Sunday)

SUNDAY:  Beef Roast Dinner – making lots of EXTRA beef for next week’s meals…  ideas??

So what are you having?  Any other great recipes you want to share??  Let’s chat!!

Finally Friday ~ Still time to do these deals….

Just a reminder about the deals you still have time to do… THIS WEEK!

Picture 069

This weeks Rite-aid Deals and the 2 awesome MONEY MAKERS I scored!!

Picture 070

This weeks CVS Deals and how I got $58 and they paid me $7!!

Picture 071

Tops Bonus Gas Point Deals and how I got $118 of stock up for $5 – YES $5!!!

Picture 072

AND – OMG, I fell in love with Kmart again cuz of $1.99 toilet paper and paper towels!!

Stay tuned for all of next weeks’ deals…  and PLEASE tell me what your favorite deal was this week!!


TOPS Bonus Gas Point Deals, $118 for $5!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Picture 071

Way back when I told you about this week’s BONUS Gas Deals at TOPS

(CLICK HERE to review)


I did 8 deals… Check it out:


This deal 4 times –

4 Granola Bars @ $2.50

2 Peanuts @ $2.99


-(2) $1 Planter’s coupons = SAVE $2

-(4) $.75 Quaker coupons (doubled to $1.50) =  Save $6.00

= $7.98 Out of Pocket

Earn 200 BONUS Gas Points valued at $6

= $1.98 or only $.33 each!!  WHOLLEY BARGAIN – Stock up now!!!



This deal 3 times –

3 Granola Bars @ $2.50

3 Pop Tarts @ $2.50

= $15.00

-(3) $.75 Quaker coupons (doubled to $1.50) =  Save $4.50

– $1/3 Pop Tart Coupon = Save $1.00

= $9.50 Out of Pocket

Earn 200 BONUS Gas Points valued at $6

= $3.50 for all 6…  Awesome deal on Pop Tarts or only $.59 each!!  WOWZA – I LOVE IT!!! 



And 1 –

6 Bags of Tops Pretzels @ 2/$3 = $9.00

= $9.00 Out of Pocket

Earn 200 BONUS Gas Points valued at $6

= $3 or only $.50 each!!  NEED MORE NOW!!!



So – that is 8 deals, got $118 worth of stock ups, paid $71, BUT earned over 2200 BONUS Gas Points valued at $66….  All that food pictured for ONLY $5… do you see what I am saying here…



You know what??  I have enough coupons to do this exact deal again tomorrow and you know I will!!!  Guess what is for snack at school this week… and breakfast and dinner…  LOL




Kmart ~ $114 worth for only $27 ($11 of which were “clothes”) YES!!!

Picture 072

So – I did it, I went back to Kmart… I’m telling you, the lure of $1.99/package of Toilet Paper and Paper towels is more than I can resist!!  AND they throw in a FREE king size Peanut Butter Cup – per order!!

I told you HERE how I learned about the deals and what deals were HOT ~ *CLICK HERE*

Highlights that enticed me were:

  • ·         Double up to FIVE $1 coupons when you spend $25!
  • ·         $2 Instant Savings WYB 2 Cottonelle or Viva!
  • ·         $5 Instant Savings WYB $15 Garnier/Maybelline!
  • ·         And of course the FREE King Size Peanut Butter Cup with each $25 order!

I had tons of the $2.50 Poligrip and $1 Colgate Q’s so my plan was to buy the items/deals I wanted and could get the (5) $1 coupons doubled on, then use the FREEBIES to total up to $25… well of course there was not enough Poligrip and I somehow misplaced my Colgate Q’s… like set them down and couldn’t find them…  I only had 1 and I started my trip with 20 precut…AGHHHH

BUT – Quick to recover like I am (Hmmm Hmmm) I still prevailed!  I did four complete orders to maximize the savings and here they are:

Deal #1 – I did it 2x ~


2 Cottonelle Bath Tissue 12 Big Rolls Sale –  $4.99

2 Viva Paper Towels 6 Rolls Sale –  $4.99

1 Always on 1 order, 1 Colgate on the 2nd… @ $1.00

3 Poligrip @ 2.49

1 King Size Peanut Butter Cup – $1.49

= $29.92


– $1.49 Peanut Butter Cup Coupon

-$2 Instant Savings for Cottonelle

-$2 Instant Savings for Viva

-(2) $1/1 ANY Cottonelle Toilet Paper Pks 
-(2) $1/1 ANY Viva Paper Towels 6pk+
-(1) $1 Always or Colgate Coupon   

-(5) $1 coupon doublers INSTANT

-(3) $2.50 Poligrip Coupons

= SAVE $22.99


Final Price After Coupons and Doubling = ONLY $7 for the $30 order!!!  AWESOME!!!


Deal #2 ~


3 Garnier Hair Care Sale –  3/$10 ($3.33 each)
2 Maybelline Baby Lips Sale  – $2.79ea
3 Poligrip @ 2.49

1 Pair of Cheapie flip flops – $1.00 *The Princess begged

1 Pack of Gum – $.25* GRRR again with the begging… but she was my helper and you gotta pay the help… even if it is $1.25 Total!!

1 King Size Peanut Butter Cup – $1.49

= $25.79


– $1.49 Peanut Butter Cup Coupon

-$5 Instant Savings for Garnier/Maybelline

-(3) $1/1 Garnier Coupon 
-(2) $1/1 Maybelline Coupon
-(5) $1 coupon doublers INSTANT

-(3) $2.50 Poligrip Coupons

= SAVE $23.99


Final Price After Coupons and Doubling = ONLY $1.80 for this $25+ order!!!   YAH!!!  


Deal #3 ~

(I could have quit here because I couldn’t make the fillers work for FREE,

but HEY-JACK, hubs needed some new unders and even though they were more than I would normally pay, I feel he deserves a little something nice now and then – LOL)


3 Garnier Hair Care Sale –  3/$10 ($3.33 each)
2 Maybelline Baby Lips Sale  – $2.79ea
Package of Unders – $11

1 King Size Peanut Butter Cup – $1.49

= $28.07


– $1.49 Peanut Butter Cup Coupon

-$5 Instant Savings for Garnier/Maybelline

-(3) $1/1 Garnier Coupon 
-(2) $1/1 Maybelline Coupon
-(5) $1 coupon doublers INSTANT

= SAVE $16.49


Final Price After Coupons and Doubling = ONLY $11.58  – remember, the unders were $11… should have found a few shirts for me on the $2 Clearance rack instead… but I give and give I tell you!!!!  



So what do you think?  Kmart rocked the deals with this week’s specials don’t you think??!!  Are you heading in??  Do tell!!




OMG – I am LOVIN’ Kmart! WHATTTT???!!!!!!!!

I found a link on another site that took me to this girl’s facebook account:  Extreme Couponing Mommy  and I have to tell you… I do believe she shops even more than I do!!  I followed her KMART deals and – even though I was on a KMART “break” –  I could not resist the tease of DOUBLING Dollar coupons, INSTANT savings and FREE chocolate!!  And really, I am still using the $.05/box Glad Bags I got at Kmart  in abundance last year – like 60 of them!!


HERE she posted all the logistics of the Kmart deals, and the following is what enticed me, I know some of my couponing extreme friends will be all over this:  .



WYB $25 (Limit 1 per transaction), Get FREE Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, King Size!! ($1.49 = -$1.49)  Coupon is on flyer in store!!  Grab one for each $25 order you plan on doing!!


Hot Deal #1:


$5.00 INSTANT SAVINGS DEAL SCENARIO on Garnier and Maybelline:
~ Limit 1 “Like” Instant Savings per Transaction (Get $5 instand savings wyb $15)
BUY 3 Garnier Hair Care Sale –  3/$10 ($3.33 each)
USE (3) $1/1 Garnier Fructis Styling Product Coupon 3/3 RP Insert Exp 4/27/13
or USE $1/1 Garnier Fructis Styling Product Coupon 4/7 RP Insert Exp 6/1/13
or USE $1/1 Garnier Fructis Shampoo, Conditioner or Treatment Coupon 4/7 RP Insert

  • ·         First 5 – $1 coupons double wyb $25

= Total After Coupon Doubling $1.33 each!


AND BUY 2 Maybelline Baby Lips Sale  – $2.79ea
USE (2) $1/1 Maybelline Super Stay 24 LipColor OR ANY Maybelline Lip Product Coupon 4/14 RP Insert Exp 6/8/13

  • ·         First 5 – $1 coupons double wyb $25

= Total After Coupon Doubling$.79 each!

All 5 items, reg price = $15.57

-(5) $1 coupons

-(5) doubled wyb $25  (add fillers to get to $25!!)


*$5.00 Instant Savings Will Trigger
= $.57, or only $.11 each!!


Hot Deal #2:


BUY 2 Cottonelle Bath Tissue 12 Big Rolls Sale –  $4.99

USE (2) $1.00 Off ANY (2) Cottonelle Toilet Paper 4pks OR (1) 9pk+ Coupons (3/17 SS)  
PLUS SAVE $2.00 Instantly at the Register WYB 2 Valid 4/21 – 4/28/13 ~ Limit 1 “Like” Instant Savings per Transaction

  • ·         WYB $25, the first (5) $1 coupons will double….

Total After Coupon Doubling = $1.99, only $.16 per roll!!


BUY 2 Viva Paper Towels 6 Rolls Sale –  $4.99
USE (2) $1/1 ANY Viva Paper Towels 6pk+ Coupon 3/17 SS Insert Exp 4/28/13
PLUS SAVE $2.00 Instantly at the Register WYB 2 Valid 4/21 – 4/28/13
WYB $25 ~ Limit 1 “Like” Instant Savings per Transaction

  • ·         WYB $25, the first (5) $1 coupons will double….

Final Price After Coupon Doubling = ONLY $1.99 or $.33/Roll!!


All 4 items, reg price = $19.96

-(4) $1 coupons

-(4) doubled wyb $25  (add fillers to get to $25!!)


*(2) $2.00 Instant Savings Will Trigger  = Save $4 more
= $7.96, or only $.1.99 per package!


Hot Deal #3:


BUY 2 Softsoap Bar 4pks Sale B1G1 FREE  – Reg $4.59ea
USE (2) $1/1 Softoaps Body Wash 12oz+ or Bar Soap Coupons (4/7 SS)

First (5) $1 coupons double wyb $25  

= ONLY $.30 each!!!



Here are cheapie suggestions to get you to the $25 ~



Edge or Skintimate Shave Preps Sale –  2/$4

USE $1/1 ANY Edge or Skintimate Shave Gel (excludes 2.75oz) Coupon (4/21 SS)

= $1… OR:

If used as a fill in for a doubler, Final Price After Coupon Doubling = FREE
*It Is ALSO reported that there are $1/1 Edge & Skintimate KMart Store Coupons found on Tear Pads In Store (Limit 1 per Transaction)!!!!  As long as these do NOT restrict coupon stacking…. STACK THEM!!!!   Then you don’t even have to double the coupon to get it FREE!!!!!!!!!!!



*It appears that the Colgate Total Advanced Toothpaste 5.8oz IS Included in this week’s $1.00 Sale at KMart.  The ad states Colgate Toothpaste 4.6oz , BUT online it shows the above pictured toothpaste 5.8oz at $1.07 – Scan this at a price checker to verify first 🙂

BUY Colgate Total Advanced Toothpaste 5.8oz Sale –  $1.00??

USE $1/1 ANY Colgate Optic White, Total Advanced or Sensitive Pro-Relief Toothpaste 4oz+ Coupon (4/14 SS Insert)~ NO Doubling Required




Poligrip Denture Adhesive .75oz  – Reg $2.29

USE $2.50/1 Poligrip Denture Adhesive .75oz+ Coupon (4/7 RP)   
~ My Coupon Autoscanned at Full Value!

= FREE + Possible $.21 MONEYMAKER!!



Poise Body Cooling Towelettes 20ct –  Reg $4.49
Poise Panty Freshners 24ct  – Reg $4.49
– $4.00 Poise Wellness Products KMart Savings Tearpad Coupon *  This Coupon can be found In-Store at KMart on a Tearpad on the shelf in the isle with the Poise Wellness Products. When this Coupon is Scanned ONCE, it will hit up to 5 Items in 1 Transaction.  (VERY difficult to tell during checkout, but it does work.) Limit 1 of this KMart Savings Coupon per Transaction.
IF/ and / or your store manager allows stacking….
STACK WITH (or just use if you can’t find the tear pad… and need or want this product) –$3.00/1 Poise Wellness Product Mfg Coupon (4/7 SS)   ~ Limit 4 LIKE Coupons per Household per Day
BUT – see how this could be an awesome MONEY MAKER – maybe = +$2.50??!!


AGAIN – Don’t forget your FREE King Size Candy Bar with every $25 order!!!



I already did the paper towels and toilet paper deals and it worked perfectly!!!  I am going back  – after my TOPS run, and will post all of the deals I got for you ASAP!!

Stay Tuned!!!







CVS – $7 Money Maker, while scoring over $58 worth of free make-up!!!

Picture 070

My CVS shopping went even better than expected…. the magic coupon machine spit out an amazing $4/$10 make up purchase coupon… so quick thinking shopper I am, I quickly scanned my Moms card too and divided my order…  This allowed me to score another physicians Formula eye liner as well!!


Here you have it:  $58.11 worth of mostly make-up (WHOOOHOOO) and CVS paid me $6.87… YES, that’s right… I got more than $58 FREE and I made almost $7 bucks!!!! 


LOVIN’ my drug store deals!!


My order:


Physician’s Formula Cosmetics – I got eyeliner @ $7.49
– $3 Peelies

Get $7 ECB (limit 1)
= $2.51 Money Maker!!   


Any Almay Cosmetics / I got 2 eye shadows @ $7.49 each  = $14.98
-(2) $4/1 Almay Cosmetic Product (SS 04/14/13 R)

AND -$4/$10 Makeup purchase CVS coupon

AND Get $4 ECB (for buying $10)

= $1.01 Money Maker!!


Crest 3D White, Pro-Health or w/Scope Toothpaste (4-4.2oz.) or Pro-Health Rinse

(8-8.4oz.) – $2.99 (they only had 1, limit is 2, could have gotten a rain check… forgot – LOL)
– $1/1 Crest Toothpaste, excludes Cavity, Baking Soda, and Tartar (03/31/2013 P&G)   

Get $2 ECB (limit 2)
= FREE!!


2 – Orbit Gum 14ct. – 2/$2
Get $1 ECB wyb 2 (limit 1)
= $1.00, or only $.50 each wyb 2!!



Then my Mom’s Card:



Physician’s Formula Cosmetics – I got eyeliner @ $7.49
– $3 Peelies

Get $7 ECB (limit 1)
= $2.51 Money Maker!!   



ANY Revlon Cosmetics / I bought 4 eye shadows at $5.29 each = $21.16

-(4)$1/1 Revlon Eye Product (SS 03/17/13 R)
AND -$4/$10 Cosmetic purchase CVS Magic Coupon
AND – (4)$3 off any Revlon Cosmetic Purchase (rcvd. 4/14-4/20 – I had 4!!)

AND Get $4 ECBs wyb $10 (That is $24 in coupons)
= $2.84 Money Maker!!!


2 – Orbit Gum 14ct. – 2/$2
Get $1 ECB wyb 2 (limit 1)
= $1.00, or only $.50 each wyb 2!!


 Picture 068

Just an “aside” for you all since I did mention that I received a $5/$30 email coupon… I had a friend give me the few coupons I was missing and I ran in Saturday night (after calling to see if they had them) and scored 32 – YES THIRTY TWO – bottles of Dawn Dish Soap!!


32 Soaps @ $.99 = $31.68

-(16) $1/2 coupons = Save $16

AND $5/$30 coupon = Save $5

= $10.68

Get $10 ECB for spending $30

=$.68 total for all, that is only $.021 each… YES – $.02 cents!!!!


Man I love CVS!!

…and mass amounts of coupons… and not needing dish soap for 6 months!!!!!


PS – My Tops coupons came in today’s mail…

OOOOh the shopping I am going to do tomorrow!!!!   Stay tuned!!

Rite-aid, over $53 for only $6.97!! (2 money makers) Check it out!!

Picture 069I ran into Rite-aid to see what the price was on the Purex B1G2 sale was… it was 1- $5.99, so even getting 2 free they would still be $2 each… no thank you!! 

I was happy with the $2.79 price on the Soft Soap though, and getting 2 free with each one was a super bargain!!  Of course I bought 9!!

I also grabbed the two FREEBIE Colgates, I only used 1 of the VV coupons, so it was a $1 Money Maker.

Finally, the 2 razors, with my 20% discount, I made .20 each on them!!

Overall – $53.09 worth of merchandise for only $6.97 (less than the price of 3 of the soaps alone) AWESOME!!

Here are the exacts:

9 – Soft Soap – B1G2(yes TWO) FREE deal – $2.79/3 = $.93 each x 9 = $8.37

2 – Colgate Total Advanced Toothpaste 4oz. – $2.99
-(2) $1/1 Colgate Optic White, Total Advanced or Sensitive Pro-Relief (4 oz+) 04/14/2013 SS Insert (exp 05/04/2013)
AND – $1 Rite-aid Video Value
Get $2 UP (limit 4) X 2
= FREE!! (+ $1 overage!!)

2 – Schick Hydro Razor, Refills or Disposables – starting at $10.99 (Gold Discount @ 20% off = $8.80)
-(2) $4/1 Schick Hydro 5 Disposables 04/21/2013 SS Insert (exp 06/02/2013)
Get $5 UP (limit 2) x 2
= a $.20 Money Maker on each! 


What do you think?  Are you a Rite-aid lover??  Doing the deals??



PS – I also hit CVS tonight and am working on that write up too… stay tuned!!




Additional Deals ~ Rite-aid wins… Check out these add-ons!!


A bottle of 50 200mg Advil caplets

A bottle of 50 200mg Advil caplets (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I actually sat down and went through some of the ads tonight….the Rite-aid ad made the deals of the week even better…  WOW there are some amazing deals… I am not talking about FREE toothpaste amazing ~ which is what my original FREEBIE/CHEAPIE  list includes (CLICK HERE), I am talking about LOVING the B1G2 (that is buy 1 get 2 (TWO) for FREE) on Purex and Soft Soap!!  I just need to see what the prices are on these because the only coupons I can find for either are:


PUREX – B1 G2 FREE deal:

PUREX printable (CLICK HERE) 

SoftSoap – B1G2 FREE deal:

$0.50/2 Softsoap Brand Liquid Hand Soap printable @

$0.35/1 Softsoap Antibacterial or Premium Liquid Handsoap Pump (SS 04/07/13)


I am also loving the following deals~

Cottonelle, 12 pack – $6.88

$0.30, $.50 $1 or $1/2 off Cottonelle Toilet Paper (SS 03/17/13 R)


Viva, 8 pack – $6.88

$1/1 Viva Paper Towel Big Rolls (SS 03/17/13 R)


Revlon, B1G1 50% off, Get $5 UP wyb $15

$1/1 Revlon Eye Product (SS 03/17/13 R)

AND -$1 Rite-aid Video Values Coupons ( $1 off shadows or eye tool) 


Advil, 50 Ct – 2/$12 and Get $4 UP wyb 2 items

$1/1 Advil Product (RP 03/24/13)


BedHead – Get $10 UP wyb $20


Neutrogena, 40%!!

Printables from Neutrogena Site (CLICK HERE)  

$2/1 Neutrogena Face Makeup (SS 03/24/13 R)


Purex Softener Crystals, B1G1 FREE


Oreos or Planters Cashews or Mixed Nuts – $2.97, Get $1 UP

$1/1 Planters Product (SS 01/27/13 R)


So what do you think??  Awesome, right??!!!  Are you heading to RA??

How about CVS??  CLICK HERE for the best deals ~

And TOPS, CLICK HERE for my favorite BONUS Gas Point deal ~

What is your plan?  Do tell!!


Saturday Synopsis ~ Review and Up-Coming Deals!!




Granola Bar

Granola Bar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Saturday Synopsis, the week in review…  and all the highlights, you still have time to do!


This week’s “talking” ~ In review:

Tops Deals:  THIS WEEK

Rite-aid Deals:  A BLUNDER and $46 for less than $4!!

CVS Deals:  Money Makers and FREE, I LOVE IT!!!

Weekly Menu:   Good Eats

Best Recipe:  Maple, Maple, Maple

Thoughtful Thursday:  Oh how my mind works…


Next week ~ What to expect:

Coupons to expect this Sunday:   Just 1 Smart Source!!

CVS:  Make-up, make-up FUN, FUN, FUN!! 


Rite-aid:  Money Maker toothpaste, FREE Werther’s, Cheap Ramen, Tresemme Hair and Pistachios and an awesome deal on Razors!


TOPS:  There are 2 GREAT Gas Point BONUS Deals and more!!  We are talking about FREE granola bars and super cheap peanuts, crystal light, and pretzels… it is a stock up-a-pa-looza!!  TOPS matchups soon to come!!  CLICK HERE for the first round of gas point deals, get ready!!!!


Finally – You may wish to sign up for the FREE email notifications…  every time OUR REAL DEAL has a post, you will get an email… go ahead, sign up  ~ over there, to the left, scroll down… see the box?  Enter your email and don’t forget to Confirm once you receive the email! 


Hey, leave me a comment… PLEASE…

Tell me something about your week… or your weekend… 

or a deal you are looking forward to…

Let’s chat!!