Freaky Fresh… The deal to do!!


So I mentioned yesterday that my good friend Amanda at Mom’s Coupon Affair always finds the best deals…  I saw her post about the “fresh + sexy” by Playtex being an awesome Money Maker and I am all about the Money Maker; no matter what the product!!  So, I began by LOADING MY COUPON to my Rite-aid Card and heading off in search of the “Fresh”!!


Luckily, at my favorite Rite-aid, my girl K works there… (HELLO K – are you reading my blog yet??  I am going to keep talking about you!!!)  So –  I tell K about the “Fresh” deal and she immediately bursts out laughing (which she also did when I was “in search” for the Poise deal and the Vagisil deal) and says, “Have you seen the video?”  Low and behold she actually has it on her phone…  We are busting up right there in the middle of the isle… hysterical!!!  If you are easily offended (not sure you would still be reading my nonsense if you were) then don’t watch this video…  everyone else – laugh with me now – Check it out:

Now – who wouldn’t appreciate a product like this??  And the fact that it is a Money Maker…  C’mon…  Load your coupon (HERE is the link again) and get down to your local Rite-aid…NOW!!!

Here is the deal (found near the KY – you know, you know where that is – LOL):

Playtex Fresh + Sexy Wipes 20 or 24 ct.  – $7.49

(Silver status – $6.74 / Gold $5.99) get $4.00 UP (LIMIT 4)

Use $5.00 Load To Card coupon (the coupon will come off automatically at the register)
= $2.49 (Silver – $1.74 / Gold – $0.99)

Get $4.00 UP reward
= $1.51 Money Maker (Silver – $2.26 Money Maker / Gold – $3.01 Money Maker)!


The best part… once you use it, you can reload that coupon again…  not sure how many times, but I will surely let you know…just as I will be sure to keep the actual product review to myself… YOU’RE WELCOME!!   (Thanks again Amanda!!)


Hey – Stay FRESH!!!!





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  1. Michelle….they are $2.97 a package at Walmart…$3.03 money maker!!

  2. Nice Misse – I know there is a $5 printable out there!!

  3. 2 times – you can load the coupon 2 times!!

  4. We got fresh and sexy wipes and Preparation H wipes on sale w/ +UP’s this week!!! Our bottoms should be clean and sexy???

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