Menu Monday ~ What’s to eat?


Taquitos up close

Taquitos up close (Photo credit: mollyali)

You know the drill… Gotta have a meal plan… otherwise no-one really knows “what’s to eat”…. 

Here’s the plan:



Monday –  Grilled Kielbasa with French Fries and Salad


Tuesday  –  “Crunchy Onion Chicken”  * This is a great week to stock up on French Fried Onions – with the $1 Q and a Dollar Doubler!!  Add “Crash Potatoes” (these are unbelievable…we make them all the time!!) and String Beans


Wednesday  – Taco Pizza (using Boboli crust – another great deal this week with $1 Q and Dollar Doubler)


Thursday – King Ranch Taquitos (Looks so good… not sure why it’s called “King Ranch”??)


Friday  –  Steak (YUMS) Sammies, Coconut Shrimp, Salad Wedges, Veggies and Dip


Saturday  – Sloppy Joes (Looking for a (tried and true) EASY – Yummy recipe…. HELP!!!)


Sunday – Turkey Dinner with all the trimmings!!


So what are you eating this week??  Let’s Chat!!


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  1. Yesterday we had Braciole (see my FB Dishin page) with rigatoni & steamed green beans with olive oil, red wine vinegar and garlic, TOTAL yum!!

    Tonight we had “cafeteria dinner” which consists of sloppy joes, french fries & steamed buttered corn

    Tomorrow night we are having breakfast for dinner; scrambled eggs, breakfast sausage & toast

    Wednesday a kielbasa, potato & saukercraut crockpot dinner

    Thursday? Frozen pizza? Midterms all day, sounds about right

    Friday: Garlic shrimp skewers over mushroom risotto & spinach salad with bacon vinegarette.

    Saturday: My Greek chicken & potatoes in the oven

    Sunday: Pork roast in the rotissiere I’m hoping… with German potato salad and applesauce

    I’m working on a dessert using won tons, but it being midterms this week, that is the last of my worries.
    For dessert I’ve made 2 puddings, tons of fruit, 1 berry jello with blackberries and they also have ice cream!

  2. Our favorite Sloppy Joe’s are super simple!! Fry your hamburger and drain when done. Add in 1 or 2 (depending on how much meat you cooked) of Chili Sauce. Now I can’t recall the brand name, but it is the one that comes in the “octagon” glass bottle. I sprinkle a dash of sugar on it and stir it in and once heated, you are ready to go!!

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